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Young Industries celebrates its 75th anniversary this year and couldn’t be more proud to call the Muncie area home. Recently a company-wide celebration was held at Basil Wood Fired Kitchen & Lounge in Munsi.

The family-owned manufacturing company was founded in 1947 by Henry T. Young in Pensdale. The company moved to its current Muncie location in 1960 and is currently owned by second-generation owner John M. Young.

Young Industries produces bulk material handling equipment and serves more than 9,600 customers in 35 countries. The company holds nearly 70 different patents on how to handle dry bulk materials, including moving, mixing conveyance, and more for everything from plastics to chemicals to dog food.

All equipment is custom engineered to order for companies around the world.

“These places have their own production processes internally to make their products, so we build custom machinery that helps them achieve those goals,” Vice President of Operations J. Tyler Thompson said.

Young Industries currently employs approximately 65 people and has continued to grow over the years with an average employee tenure of over 20 years. Henry T. Young believed that the most valuable assets for any company are the employees.

“We believe that our purpose to be present in central Pennsylvania is fundamentally present for our employees and community,” Thompson said.

When the COVID pandemic hit, Young Industries was in the same boat as everyone else. However, the factory was closed for only a day as they soon received critical support and supply chain letters confirming that they met the definition of an essential business. They struggled to obtain personal protective equipment in the initial days, as well as practice social distancing. Sales, engineering and administrative staff all worked remotely for some time. During the pandemic, he had no staff. Everyone was happy to live and work.

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Thompson says the business-to-business manufacturing industry is still going strong despite the current economic slowdown. He notes that there are many layers to getting to the point where manufacturers stop buying the equipment they need to make things.

Young Industries believes that being community-oriented is the key to not only getting the business to age 75, but also to keep growing and flourishing.

Many members of senior management at the company serve on local boards and work with local nonprofits. They want to serve organizations that are important to their employees.

“The secret to being here, to survive, and to be healthy is to have leaders within the company who are invested in both the community and the organizations,” Thompson said.

Thompson says that although Young Industries is a manufacturer of high-value equipment for major companies around the world, they are a local construction shop and are always looking to help or take on projects for local businesses and community projects. Huh.

“We have employees who are welders and fabricators and we can help source, as we’ve always been doing it, raw materials to help build something” Thompson said.

After 75 years of strength, Young Industries is determined to remain in this segment. The company is currently planning a major remodel for spring 2023 and is using local and regional services to complete that project.

“We’re investing in living here,” Thompson said.

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