Www Gmanetwork Com Family Feud Guess To Win Today

Family Feud Guess to Win is an interesting promo game that allows you to win a great amount of money and numerous attractive prizes. It is a game that you can play only if you are living in the Philippines. Family Feud Guess to Win is a guessing game, as the name suggests, and is characterized by high levels of excitement. All you need to do is guess correctly, and you will find yourself in a position to win amazing gifts and money with much ease. 

There are specific rules, regulations, and processes which you need to follow in order to take part in the Family Feud Guess to Win online game. To know more about how you should go about doing so on www.gmanetwork.com, read on.

General Overview

In order to be able to play the promotional game Family Feud Guess to win, it is necessary for you to watch the program Family Feud first. This will air on GMA 7, a television network in the Philippines, every day from Monday to Friday, strictly at 5.45 pm. There are three questions that are likely to be flashed over the screen during the airing of the program, which you need to wait for. 

The questions which are put forward are based on surveys that are undertaken of 100 people. Every question which is put forward on the screen is likely to have two answers, and it will be your duty to pick the answer that is correct in order to secure a win while playing this game.

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An important point to bear in mind when playing Family Feud Guess to Win is that each answer is equivalent to a single entry. As a participant, you will only be allowed a single entry for each of the questions. For a single episode, there are as many as three entries you can send across to try your luck at winning this game.

How Does Family Feud Guess to Win Today Function?

 If you want to participate in Family Feud Guess to Win, you need to log into the official website for this promo game, which is known as www.gmanetwork/FamilyFeud/GuessToWin. The website www.gmanetwork.com is readily accessible, and it is quite easy to navigate too. Once you have logged onto www.gma network.com you need to provide all your personal and official details. This is required for the authorities to offer this promo game. Based on the information you provide, it will be determined whether you are indeed an authentic individual and should be allowed to play this game. Some of the details which you will be required to provide are your name and your phone number, your home address, your work address as well as your email ID.

There are specific deadlines that you must adhere to when submitting entries for Family Feud Guess to Win. If you are in violation of the same, your participation shall be nullified. You need to be quick about how you submit your entries. For instance, the first entry is what you need to submit before the second question for Family Feud Guess to Win is shown on the screen. 

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If you are submitting an entry to the second question, then this needs to be done prior to the third question being shown on the screen. The entry for the third question needs to be submitted timely, too, that is, while the episode is in progress and certainly before it ends.

Once the entries have been submitted on www.gmanetwork/familyfeudguesstowin, there is an electronic raffle that will take place using all the answers or the entries that have been submitted. The raffle takes place on a Saturday at around 4 pm. The proceedings of the raffle are overseen by a representative who is appointed by the Department of Trade and Industry in the Philippines.

If you are worried about whether you will be able to secure a win on Family Feud Guess to Win or not, you needn’t be anxious. As many as 25 people are seen to win the game every single week, with each winner gaining as much as P20,000. 

In addition to the cash prize, they are also provided with a GMA dongle. Hence playing and winning on Family Feud Guess to Win can be done in a smooth and hassle-free manner if you are accurate about the entries that you submit and do so in a legitimate and organized way. 

How Can You Claim Cash Prize on Family Feud Guess to Win Today?

There are specific steps that you must take in order to claim the cash prize on Family Feud Guess to Win Today.

1) A representative from the official GMA Network will contact you via your contact number, email address, and registered postal address as provided on www.gmanetwork.com/FamilyFeudGuessToWin

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2) If you have won, you need to send an email to the GMA Network along with some government-issued proof of identity in order to stake your claim.

3) The prize money shall be transferred to you over the wire using Gcash or traditional bank transfer methods.

4) A photo of the transaction will be sent to your email address by the members of the GMA Network as proof of the fact that the transaction has indeed been carried out.

5) This receipt, as mentioned above, will have to be photographed and emailed back by you as the winner to the GMA Network, acknowledging that you have indeed received the prize money.

6) During the whole promo period, it will be possible only to win once and not more than that.

By keeping in mind the processes mentioned above, you will be able to claim your prize money for www.gmanetwork.com/ Family Feud Guess To Win, quite easily.


Thus, Family Feud Guess to Win is a wonderful promo game that you can indulge in if you live in the Philippines and are looking to make some quick money. The game can be played without the hassle and the process of obtaining the prize money, if you do end up winning, is quite legitimate and reliable, too. 

So try it for yourself and see how you like it!