World’s most advanced agricultural drone technology showcased by Indo Wings

Aug 04, 2022 13:21 First

New Delhi [India]Aug 4 (ANI/PNN): Indo Wings, one of India’s leading drone manufacturing companies marked India on the global map by making the country’s most advanced drone in 2020. The company has again transcended its vision and created one of the most. Advanced agricultural drones to benefit core farmers and agriculture companies at the grassroots level in 2022.
Launched at the Drones International Expo in New Delhi and witnessed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indo Wings continues to be on top of its game by marching ahead with technology and innovation. The drone has 360-degree leaf coverage using the patented CCMS spraying technology. In addition, it has the capability of ultra-wide eye cameras for a human-like reaction against objects in real time. What’s more, it’s 90-degree adjustable terrain following feature, using millimeter level lidar and radar sensors, obstacle avoidance technology can counter any expected obstacle in the area such as poles and wires. Furthermore, its artificially intelligent system removes the need for surveys or 3D modeling even in the most complex environments.
Last but not least, its vision-based navigation technology ensures drone flight for 2 minutes even when signal is lost in remote locations to complete the mission.

With such features and 20L spraying capacity, this drone has proved to be crucial for field operations in hilly terrains and mountainous regions of India. Also, this drone is a masterpiece for spraying cash crops, citrus fields and export products like apples, grapes, oranges, mangoes etc.
Paras Jain, CEO, Indo Wings has always believed in innovation and pioneering. With international expertise, Indo Wings is not only one of the leading manufacturers of drones for various industries and even government bodies, but it also invites international organizations to make their presence felt in India through its manufacturing. does. With this launch, Paras Jain said, “Our world-class manufacturing unit, located in Noida, serves as India’s gateway to global drone companies, also we specialize in drone technology and meet the demands of the nation. generation 4 products that meet the
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