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Senior citizens like us dream a lot. It should all be by nap. And winning the lottery is the stuff of dreams for us members of the fixed income crowd.

Often, dear Richard or I will see a super-amazing wonderful gift on the TV screen or computer, and comment, “Great. When we win the lottery, I want one of those.”

We smile and nod to each other, “Yeah, when we win big.”

never gonna happen.

I have wanted a backyard water feature in my garden for a long time. But fountains, pumps and lily pads are expensive and require attention. And the fish will probably demand food.

We have also discussed a hot tub. Ah, aching joints in soft, soothing temperatures, dreamy soaks while holding an iced coffee or a glass of wine…. Whenever reality enters the conversation, we just look at each other and say, “When we win the lottery.”

Or hey, when we’re dreaming about backyard water, why not a full-size in-ground pool? I was waxing rhapsodic about that last week, “Oh! We can even sink the hot tub on one end of it.” Dear Richard was thinking about the chemicals and daily maintenance of the pool with the long handle net. I was picturing a well-muscled pool boy with a nice smile and a nice tan…. When we win big.

Cars seem to enter this lottery conversation a lot. We saw an exclusive about Italy’s Ferrari family, the makers of the most opulent, sleek, luxury automobiles. “When we win the lottery,” Of course that was mentioned. And I threw it again when he showed off a convertible in Richard’s favorite color, deep British Racing Green. “We’ll bring you green, and I’ll take mine in the color of champagne.” We always dream big. then i added, “If we win big, we might as well hire an actual roadside assistant—someone who helps us get in and out of a low-slung speedster. We’d never do it alone!” “ I’m not worried that those muscles will stretch any time soon.

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Personally, if we’re speculating, I want a Mustang convertible to replace my 1966 pride and joy—my first real car. Well, I say it was mine. American Airlines Credit Union and I owned it. The 2022 version of those Hot Wheels will be perfect for a sunny weekend. For weekdays, a nice, sturdy Volvo SUV will comfortably carry me in my driving dotage. But, until we win the lottery, I’m driving my smart, small Honda SUV. When I bought it four years ago, I named it “LastCar” (rhymes with NASCAR).

If we win, food shopping will be just as much fun! Over the years, I’ve said that my definition of get rich is to shop at Wegmans and never look at any prices. No more pushing back the scallops, lobsters and tenderloins. I’ll fill up my cart, invite company, and never clip another coupon. The lottery rich will lead to a feast with a lot of friends.

FuggedBodit. never gonna happen.

Yes, winning the lottery will require a few quick trips to car dealers. Then there will be landscapers and pool ones. Wegmans will be weekly instead of monthly. I’ll put a masseuse on speed dial and maybe call a personal trainer. You can also be a plastic surgeon.

let’s face it. The first real phone call would be to a lawyer. When that straightens us out, it will be time to do some good deed with life-changing money. That serious topic might be even more fun than dreaming about a hot tub.

And a big lottery winner — sometimes think Powerball gazillions — can do wonders for cancer research, crippled children, homeless veterans, and many other worthy causes. and we will.

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but I digress. We know it’s silly to dream big, and we still laugh at ourselves. However, there is a stumbling block. We do not buy lottery tickets. Almost no.

We treat lottery tickets as a game – pure entertainment value. When the Powerball gets to a hundred million, maybe once a year, we’ll give away $5 or $10 each. Hey, someone’s going to win this. Correct? That lightning can strike us as well as the next man. We know it’s just for the thrill of the chase.

But everyday, when we see a dark green Ferrari, a Caribbean vacation home, or an around-the-world Viking cruise, we still look at each other, smile, and Richard says, “When we win the lottery.” and I answer, “the big one.”

never gonna happen. probably.

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