Which car models deserve to be their own separate brand?

The automotive industry is always changing and it is not just technology that is advancing so rapidly. Over the decades manufacturers have made model names fluid in their meaning and a number has split entirely into their own brands. Rumors say that Chevrolet is going to do the same with the Corvette, so we thought it was a good time for this question of the day.

Long before Ford broke the Mustang into a sub-brand, automakers split model names several times. For example, the car we all know and love as the Toyota Supra was formerly called the Celica Supra, before each name became its own dedicated model. In recent years, Hyundai has transformed its Genesis sedan into a new brand that is giving big luxury companies a run. Some have even gone the opposite, like the Maybach nameplate of Mercedes-Benz.

While many people didn’t like putting the Mustang name on a four-door crossover – and some still don’t, the vehicle itself is doing quite well. The same can be said for the entire Genesis brand. With that in mind, we wonder how well or bad the rumored Corvette lineup can do. If the Mustang has earned a brand of its own, then hasn’t the Corvette too?

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After all, what qualifies a brand? For example, it seems strange to think that a halo car like the Ford GT has become its own sub-brand, but isn’t Chevrolet doing the same with the Corvette? Each is headed for its own performance division. Previous rumors (which may still be true) about Chevrolet revolving from the Camaro would have made more sense.

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Still, there are many other brands that can be born from highly successful models. Dodge turned the RAM into its own thing, but had to reassemble the SRT when it failed to take off. Maybe Viper or Challenger can create a successful sub-brand of their own.

Ford has really proven that it doesn’t have to be a sports car model that starts the trend, either. Not only is the Bronco a sub-brand of sorts with its regular and ‘sport’ offerings but the Raptor is to some extent a sub-brand in its own right. Certainly models from around the world are also worth considering. Tell us in the comments below.