What is the Petanc game awarded by Google Doodle, Explained, Rules, Balls, Meaning in English and French

The most recent Google Doodle game teaches you to play the historically popular French game Petanc, while allowing you to compete against friends and strangers online, learn its rules and game meaning in English

On Sunday, July 31, 2022, Google is celebrating the iconic French outdoor sport Petanque with its unique interactive doodle. Users can lay out their bouquets with the click of a mouse, compete online against friends or random players from around the world.

What is the Petanque game awarded by Google Doodle Explained, Rules, Balls and Meaning in English and French

History of Petanque

If you’ve ever been to France on vacation, you’ve probably seen people playing petanque at some point. Apparently popular sport in the southern region of France.

However, its origins can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, who enjoyed tossing flat stones and, later, stone balls. Before the game was brought to France, the Romans added a goal ball and established the necessary rules that still exist today.

Petanque in its contemporary form has existed since 1907, when it was invented in Provence, France.

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Previously, a variety of bouquets called Jeu Provençal was popular after rising to prominence in the late nineteenth century, in which players either twirl their bouquets or ran three steps before tossing them.

The sport is now played in high profile tournaments internationally. The game is played across the world at regional, national and international level. The greatest of players compete in high-profile tournaments such as the Mondial La Marseilles in France and the La British Open in England.

Thailand is currently ranked second in the Petank World Championships. According to the survey, an estimated 1.5 million Chinese students play sports at school.

How to Play Petank on Google Doodle?

Playing Pétanque with Google Doodle is easy. Just click on the doodle and a new window will appear. Green and purple olives compete to get the steel vase until the target ball or coconut.

According to Google, “The rules of the game are quite simple: throw, toss, or roll your team’s metal vase closer to the target’s bouquet than the other team. In a series of rounds, the first player to score thirteen points Or the team wins!”

Google even offers a free tutorial before you start competing!

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