What color is your name quiz test online link, meaning of synesthesia and how to trend viral tiktok?

TikTok is buzzing with activity as users’ names appeared in colored blocks as answers to the quiz What Color Is Your Name?, test and learn more about synesthesia

TikTok users are fascinated by online trends and quizzes that reveal interesting things about his personality and life. What is your weakness, what are you human emotions, and what is your mental age, these are some of the most liked quizzes on the platform.

Another one that contains your name, written in different colors, has now taken to the stage.

What color is your name quiz test online link, meaning of synesthesia and how to make new viral tiktok trend?

How to Complete the Quiz “What Color Is Your Name”

In February 2020, an online user, Bernadette Sheridan, developed a “What color is your name” quiz. Users can enter their names in the quiz here, and the generator will display them as colored bars.

According to the creator of the website, Synesthesia Me The visualizer shows a “synesthesia” version of any name. Your name appears in light blue font in the first line, and in the second line, it is displayed with a colored synesthesia block next to each letter, the designer adds. Try it, save it, and then send your shot to your friends.

analysis of synesthesia

According to Psychology Today, synesthesia is a neurological disorder where activation of one sensory or cognitive channel (for example, hearing) results in automatic, involuntary experiences in another sensory or cognitive pathway (for example, vision).

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According to the website, when one sense is activated, another unrelated sensation is also activated at the same time. The following descriptions are given: This can happen when one listens to music and also sees swirls or other color patterns in the background.

Several TikTok users have made movies on the issue in which they describe how specific names are associated with colours.

Tiktok’s user reaction on the trend

The trend has gained popularity on TikTok and has been commented on by various social media users. Hello, I am Lydia Christine. And yellow and purple are my favorite colors, said one TikTok user.

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