WCC welcomes action against Srinath Bhasi, but asks what about others? , Entertainment News

Kochi: While welcoming the disciplinary action against Malayalam actor Srinath Bhasi for abusing a female anchor, the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) has sought to know whether merely taking action against him was enough.

In a social media post, WCC welcomed the move of the Kerala Film Producers’ Association to impose a temporary ban on the actor. But pointed to past instances when no action was taken against some other persons in the film industry who had committed more serious crimes than Srinath Bhasi.

“Kerala Film Producers Association has taken disciplinary action against Srinath Bhasi for insulting a woman journalist. This action certainly helps in understanding the importance of respect for our colleagues. In parallel, we must also evaluate That would be why such prompt disciplinary action is only according to this incident alone. There are many police and court cases involving men from the film industry and some are facing trial for sexual offenses. The recent cases of Vijay Babu and Liju Krishna are some examples. , “They told.

WCC members said Liju Krishna, director of the arrested Nivin Pauly starrer ‘Padvettu’, is currently out on bail. “Meanwhile, allegations have been leveled against the executive producer of the film. The producers of the film are celebrating the upcoming release of the film directed by the accused.”

He also said that Vijay Babu who is out on bail after being arrested in a sexual harassment case, is persuaded by industry members and allowed to act as if he has not done anything wrong. He asked, “Why is the Kerala Film Producers Association not taking any action against these individuals and their companies? Will this money and power always decide who should be disciplined in this industry and what should not?”

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