Volvo Champions Sustainability by Launching the XC40 Recharge Completely in the Metaverse

A few years ago, the then CEO of Swedish auto-brand Volvo gave an internal speech which went viral, where he admitted that ‘the auto industry was part of the problem’. They were clearly speaking about sustainability, and how auto-brands will thrive in the future, with an eco-first mindset being the way forward. It is quite unprecedented for a car brand leader to say something like this, and to be honest, it is quite refreshing.

Best of all – it wasn’t all talk. Volvo followed soon after and revealed two big goals for the brand for the future – the brand wants to go ‘all electric’ by 2030, and go completely carbon neutral by 2040. It is much bigger than a major auto brand.

So with these goals in mind, Volvo released a whole new line of electric vehicles, and now the first in that line-up, the XC40 Recharge is ready for launch in India. But in fact we are not interested in it – it’s more about How They are handling the launch.

You see, when car brands typically host a launch event, there are many moving parts involved – venues, transport, logistics – all of which produce huge amounts of CO2. Estimates say that an average participant in a typical one-day event of this scale produces about 170 kg of CO2. To counter this, Volvo came up with the unique idea to host this entire event to launch its first electric vehicle, in its permanent virtual world.

Friends, welcome to Volvo.

How do Volvowers work?

Powered by self-sustaining energy, Volvower is a futuristic masterpiece, built on the edge of a mountain range, surrounded by vast expanses of water. Powered by the Luminous Core, a beam of natural light that provides mass production benefits by using solar power that generates enough electricity to ensure the Volvo runs smoothly. The core absorbs energy from the Sun, converts it into solar energy and transmits it to the energy umbrella placed inside the valves. Energy umbrellas are manufactured with crystalline silicon wafers as the main component material which enables them to employ and store electricity for future use. All of these energy-efficient systems together fuel Volvo’s engines.

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Here, watch it to believe it!

Ever since Volvo set its sustainability goals, plans have been in motion to achieve them on time. , a ‘pure electric’ SUV is a direct result of that. The idea was to build not only the perfect and safest car for you and your family, but one that best fits our collective home – this planet of ours. The mantra behind its concept was ‘responsible happiness’, this means just because it is a luxury car that meets all your auto needs, it does not mean that the environment will have to pay a huge price for it.