Vladimir Putin caught on camera unable to use right hand | Entertainment News

Vladimir Putin appears to have lost the use of his right hand.

Attention has returned to the Russian president’s health after footage emerged on Sunday (31.07.22) showing him unable to drive away a mosquito at his country’s Navy Day event.

It comes as the 69-year-old branded America one of Russia’s biggest threats, while experts say its invasion of Ukraine is running out of steam so badly that its war will fail if it fails. He is plotting to flee Russia.

A video clip captured the moment Putin visited a military museum as part of the weekend marking Russia’s Navy Day, held on the last Sunday of every July.

He can be seen speaking with Ksenia, the daughter of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, when mosquitoes start buzzing on the right side of his face.

Putin raised his left hand in an attempt to drive them away, while his right hand was hanging next to him.

He continues to itch and swat around his head with one hand before walking in with Ksenia as she continues her tour.

Putin is rumored to be suffering from cancer and dementia, with experts speculating that his puffy face is a sign that he is on steroids – sparking warnings that he could be suffering from “road rage”.

In March it was reported that the intelligence community was sharing an increasing number of reports about Putin’s “increasingly erratic behaviour”.

A security source told MailOnline at the time: “There has been an identifiable change in their decision-making over the past five years.

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“He notices a marked change in the clarity and clarity of what the people around him say and how he sees the world around him.”

Mosquito footage was captured in the same incident where Putin signed a new military doctrine that accuses the United States of being the biggest threat to Moscow.

According to a Telegram channel that claims to have originated from inside the Kremlin, Putin and his friends are preparing to flee Russia if their forces are defeated in Ukraine.

The Russian leader bragged about Moscow’s new alleged Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles on Navy Day.

He added: “The important thing here is the capability of the Russian Navy. It is capable of responding at lightning speed to all those who decide to violate our sovereignty and independence.”

Putin said a growing threat is the “strategic policy of the United States to dominate the world’s oceans”.