Vin Scully, A Voice To All Sports, Blessed Golf With His Distinctive Style

“Would you like to see perhaps the wildest moment in the history of any professional sport? There goes the commissioner!”

-CBS Golf announcer Vin Scully, 1982 Players Championship

No one will voice the legends of the past more calmly than Vincent Edward Scully, whose death earlier this week at the age of 94 treads a generational boundary line between the good old days and the uncertainty of tomorrow. Best known for his 67 years as a play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Scully also spent seven years anchoring golf coverage on both CBS and NBC. His partnership in the booth with Lee Trevino remains one of the better pairings in the sport’s TV history, made memorable by Scully’s knack for opening Mary Mex’s gift of gab.

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