UWW U17 World Championship Live Blog – Day 7

American male freestylers will fight for three gold and one bronze medals on the final day of the U17 World Championships in Rome.

July 25-31 · Today at 2:30 pm UTC

2022 U17 World Championship

Additionally, not a big deal, but Team USA has already won the men’s freestyle team championship. Congratulations to first year developmental coach James Green and everyone who contributed!

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Kyler Larkin missed out on a place in the semi-finals and guaranteed himself a shot at a medal after a 2-1 loss to Japan in the 60kg quarterfinal. The final season saw the four other Americans lead 3–1 in the semifinals, so three gold medals and one bronze were on the agenda.

We are currently going through repechage matches. There are no Americans in repechage, but we need to find out who McNally will wrestle for bronze, so we’ll keep an eye on the 92kg bouts. And it is India’s Jaglan who earns the privilege of facing McNally for the bronze medal.

Also in repechage is American Alex Nini, who wrestles for Team Italy. Nini is a two-time New Jersey State Placer at Christian Brothers Academy. Nini is now the top five player in the world with a chance to win a bronze medal, as he won his repechage match and will take on Japan’s Ogino (who replaced Team USA’s Kyler Larkin) for a spot on the podium.

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Unfortunately for Nini and the Italian side in Rome, Ogino won the bronze medal match 3–1.

45 kg gold medal match

Dominic Munaretto (USA) vs – Bashir Verdiyev (AZE)

First Period: The first of three finals matches for Team USA finally begins on the East Coast rather than in the afternoon hours. Verdiyev shoots in and a scuffle begins. Nice short offense by Munaretto and he collects the first takedown. He rides high but two shoes firmly hold him in place and we restart in neutral. Another shot by Verdiyev but this time the action is halted. Munaretto threw and tried to step up but Veriev caught a leg and time ran out before anyone could score. 2-0 for Munaretto at the break.

Second period: Munaretto has two minutes left in the tournament. Good job governing ties by Munaretto. We are now dealing with petty offense as a countdown until the last minute. Shot from Berdyaev, Munaretto looking to go back. No score and restart with 31 ticks on the clock. Time is running out on Verdiyev. And Munaretto stuns his Azeri to win the gold! The yellow medals ended for the book as Munaretto continued the momentum after Hopke won at heavyweight yesterday!

51 kg gold medal match

Luke Lilledahl (USA) vs Mohamed Asadi (IRI)

First period: Lilledahl takes the mat to improve upon at least the U17 World Championships earned silver medal of the year. Lilledahl knocked Asadi off the mat in an early flurry to take a one-point lead. Low shot from Lilledahl grabs an ankle, but Asadi’s great defense and counterattack pushes him a step further and the score goes 1–1 with Asadi. For a short time, Lilledahl looks for an opening, gets a single leg and wisely moves Asadi out of bounds to secure a single point before the period runs out. We hit the break, with Lilledahl leading 2-1.

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Second period: Lilledahl continues to direct the motion, causing Asadi to react to it. Now Asadi shoots but Lilledahl blocks and leaps at a lightning-fast reaction and it is now two points for Luke. The score is now 4-1 as we go back to neutral. In another counterattack in the form of Lilledahl, Assadi’s time is cut short. It also helps that Luke is super quick. 6-1 Score now, less than a minute to go. Asadi needs to build up some points, but has a distinct disadvantage as Lilledahl is able to score on retaxes. And just like that Liledahl gets another. Add on a turn from a lace and it’s a 10-1 final win. Major performance for Lilledahl and he improves on last year’s results. mission accomplished!

71 kg gold medal match

Joe Seeley (USA) vs Raul Kaso (ITA)

Period 1: Seeley, a North Carolina native, must battle a crazy hometown mob that appeases her Italian rival.

92 kg bronze medal match

Max McNeely (USA) vs Sahil Jaglan (India)

first period: