Using social media at events

Next time you go to a conference or participate in a webinar, use it to build your own brand and network.

This means you need to be actively present, which means not checking your email or doing chores while you’re attending the program.

When I wasn’t comfortable posting my thoughts on LinkedIn, one of the earliest things I did was writing about important takeaways from a conference or webinar.

In your post, highlight key points that resonated with you and actionable steps others could take from the session/conference.

I like to use numbers in these posts hence “three major takeaways” or “three ways you can do that (fill in the blanks)”.

This type of LinkedIn post can also be expanded into an article or blog post.

I always tag session speakers in posts, whether I know them or not, especially to build a relationship with them because no one dislikes free press where you’re telling others how much of their insight you’ve used. enjoyed. Potentially the speaker will share it on their network, increasing your visibility!

If the conference has its own hashtag, use it to be part of the conversation.

Also, tag the company and the organizer of the conference so that they are notified when you make a post as well. They will likely repost it and like it, increasing your visibility – a win for all!

Many of us just go to conferences or attend webinars and half listen and do our routine work while we are present.

It does a disservice to the speakers and us when we can maximize the time we spend in our next academic session to build our own brands and relationships, and actually learn new things that will make us stronger in our work. .

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One of the homework I always give to people who attend my webinars is to write a post about something I learned from my session – it helps them and me. So if you give webinars, encourage them to do the same!

Once you start doing it, it just becomes a habit. You get used to looking for those key takeaways and become more proficient about writing these posts. Even if you write down the note in your phone or notebook and do it later, it is still worthwhile to write it down after a few weeks or a month!!

What do you think of this idea? Will you start doing it too?

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