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You no longer have to resort to a third-party email client on your iPhone to schedule messages to be sent whenever you want. Apple built scheduling functionality into its Mail app, and it works with any email client you use, whether iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or other service.

To try it out, make sure you’re running iOS 16 (still in beta) on your iPhone, then start or open Drafts in the Mail app with any email account. When you’re ready to schedule it to be sent later, long-press the send button.

From the menu, you can choose preset times like “Send Tonight” and “Send Tomorrow” or use “Send Later” to choose your date and time. When you use Send Later, simply press “Done” after setting the date and time.

No matter what date and time you choose, you can view your scheduled emails from the new “Send Later” folder on your mailbox list. In the folder, you should see the date and time each message will be auto sent. If you no longer want to send the email, you can delete it like any other draft.

If you want to change the date and time, open the draft and press “Edit” next to “This email will be sent.” [date] Feather [time]The same Send Later interface will appear to reschedule it. You can tap “Cancel Send Later” to delete it completely (it won’t revert to draft) or save your changes. For “Done”.

Send Later doesn’t sync with iCloud or any of your email accounts because it’s an on-device feature, which means it only works from the original device. For Mail to send scheduled messages successfully, your iPhone needs a network connection at the scheduled time to ensure delivery.

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If your iPhone doesn’t have an Internet connection at the set time, Mail will move your email from the Send Later folder to your “Outbox” folder. The message will automatically be sent as soon as your iPhone connects to the Internet – it won’t completely cancel the email.

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