Ukraine Live: Russia has failed! Despot’s Invasion ‘The Boy’ – Wallace | world | news

The defense secretary has said that President Putin is unlikely to succeed in his mission to annex Ukraine.

Promising more money to Ukraine in a joint conference call, Mr Wallace said the Kremlin’s offensive was “beginning to fail in many areas”.

He added: “They have so far failed and are unlikely to ever succeed in occupying Ukraine.

“Their offensive has faltered and is constantly revamped to such an extent that they are really only concentrating in parts of the south and east, a long, long way from their three-day so-called special campaign.

“Three days is now over 150 days and in about six months, with enormous significant losses of both equipment and indeed Russian personnel.”

The defense secretary previously said: “President Putin may have gambled that come August, in a few months we will all be bored with conflict and the international community will have gone in different directions. Well, today’s proof is the opposite.

“We come out of this meeting with more pledges of finance, more pledges of training and more pledges of military aid, all designed to help Ukraine win, help Ukraine stand up for its sovereignty. And to really ensure that President Putin’s ambitions fail Ukraine as he rightly should.”

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