Toyota and Subaru alliance strengthens

toyota gr86 and subaru brz, toyota bz4x and subaru soltera

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From the July/August 2022 issue car and driver,

Ever since Toyota first bought a stake in Subaru, both automakers are getting extremely comfortable. They may seem like odd partners, with Toyota with their huge market share and Subaru a quirky little brand (Subaru sold 860,000 vehicles in 2021 compared to Toyota’s 10.5 million sales in 2021). But as any romance reader knows, opposites attract, and the two companies have had a symbiotic relationship over the past decade and a half. The collaboration initially focused on a pair of affordable rear-wheel-drive sports cars, but has shifted toward electrification as the auto industry enters a new era of propulsion.
Here’s what the “Toyobaru” love story is like:

car and driver

Illustration by TM Detwiler

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