Tom Brady’s absence continues: QB out for at least next 10 days due to non-football related reasons

Going into Thursday, Tom Brady had already missed two drills in the past week for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and now he’s going to add one more to that total.

The 45-year-old did not practice with the Buccaneers on Thursday and according to coach Todd Bowles, he will not be back with the team anytime soon. During his post-practice press conference, Bowles announced that Brady Will be out until after the Buccaneers’ second pre-season game against the Titans on August 20. Bowles said the decision was made before training camp to allow Brady to address a personal matter.

“He’s going to deal with some personal things,” Bowles said via PFT. “It’s something that we talked about before the training camp started. We allotted this time because he wanted to go in and do chemistry with people and go through a two-week training camp, this Knowing that he was not going to play the first two games.

Assuming that Brady returns to the team the day after the game (August 21), this means he will miss 10 days of action.

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Although Brady will be out for 10 days, it does not mean that he will miss 10 days of practice. The Buccaneers have a president game against the Dolphins on Saturday and the team had already planned to have him on the bench, so he won’t miss anything there.

Buccaneers don’t a practice is scheduled The day before the game (Friday) or the day after the game (Sunday), so Brady won’t miss his next practice until Monday (August 15).

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Thursday’s practice marked the third time in eight days That Brady is not on the field with the team. Brady did not practice on his birthday (August 3) because the team had given him a day off, which was scheduled. Two days later, Brady was released from practice. He then returned to the field for four drills (Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday) before missing out on Thursday’s session.

An interesting point about Brady’s absence is that he still hasn’t met the media since being named in the NFL’s investigative report into the Dolphins. Back on August 2, NFL Dolphins punished for molesting Brady By docking the team two draft picks (a first-rounder and a third-rounder).

This does not mean that Brady is abandoning practices to avoid the media; All that is to say, it will be interesting to hear his side of the story on the Dolphins stuff, and based on his continued absence from practice, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we hear it.