These Serial Entrepreneurs Are Exploring Multiple Business Domains

It is often said that entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It takes patience, determination and perseverance to face the many challenges that come with it.

For some, taking that risk for once is an exhilarating feeling; For others, starting at times means making an impact even in the domains they want to be in.

Be it e-commerce, nutraceuticals or fashion, meet four women who are stepping up the game as serial entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem.

Somdutt Singh

In 2018, Kolkata-born serial entrepreneur Somdutt Singh started Acidius Global Inc. An AI-powered cross-border ecommerce accelerator that launches, scales and develops Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands across ecommerce marketplaces and geographies by enabling their digital commerce through end-to-end distribution and supply chain management helps to.

Earlier, the first generation entrepreneur, who now splits her time between India, the US and Dubai, runs a few D2C private labels such as Amplicol, The Real Boss Lady Beauty, Biotavia and Erotica.

With these brands, she realized that selling online is not an easy task. There were many nuances attached to the process – understanding rankings, understanding user data, analyzing pricing and consumer behavior, and catalog automation. With Acidus, Somdutt aims to focus on brand centricity and cross-border e-commerce.

Prior to Acidius, the serial entrepreneur had launched several startups, including an edtech firm Unspun Group in 2013 – his first startup.

Anupama Dalmiya

Despite Anupama Dalmiya’s extended family being extremely patriarchal in nature, her parents encouraged her to dream big and succeed on her own terms. After completing her engineering degree and MBA, she joined Infosys in 2006.

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However, after being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, he decided to quit his job to pursue his passion for creativity. Anupama is the founder of three bootstrapped startups: Rhythm & Beats, Tingle Your Taste Buds, and Beyond the Box.

Rhythm & Beats hosts regular classes, workshops, and public events such as dance relays and marathons.

Anupama capitalized on her mother’s passion for cooking and started a small cookery page for her, Tingle Your Taste Buds. When it started gaining popularity, he decided to convert it into a website in 2014. She also built a revenue model around it – earning from ads and collaborations. An original cookbook is also coming.

His third venture – and personal favorite – Beyond the Box was launched in 2019 and hosts online and offline creative writing classes for children and adults.

Pooja Goyal

During the dotcom boom, Pooja Goel started a venture startup in the Bay Area, a company that took off during the 2001 recession.

While working with Adobe in 2007, Pooja decided to move back to India. However, she soon left her job to start her second startup, Intellitots, which she had built with a batchmate from IIT Delhi. After 10 years of bootstrapping and running IntelliTots, the startup was acquired by KLAY.

Pooja joined her third startup, Avishkar, in 2020. The edtech startup has developed a combination of hardware, software, curriculum and communities to provide curated experiences to schools and children.

Arjita Sethi

When she was just 16 years old, Arijit Sethi became involved with her mother, an entrepreneur who ran the School of English is a Delhi based institute which imparts vocational training in communication, language and technology skills to the students.

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She moved to the US in 2014 to pursue her Master’s in Social Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School. There, she built an AR platform in San Francisco with her husband Anshul Dhawan in a similar fashion.

Equally already has 20,000+ users onboard and is present in 12 countries around the world.

In 2021, he launched the New Founder School, an invitation-only collective of value-driven, aspiring and expatriate founders who support each other in building their ideas in a sustainable way.

The New Founder School’s membership platform gives founders weekly office hours, monthly training, accountability workshops and access to a network of experts globally. It provides a 12-week accelerator program for any idea-stage founder to reach its first launch, taking founders through idea refinement, building user pipelines, prototyping, and Finally launches in the market.