There is a conspiracy to humiliate ‘Sabash Chandra Bose’: Vishnu Unnikrishnan | Entertainment News

Actor Vishnu Unnikrishnan has reacted strongly to his derogatory remarks against his latest film “Sabash Chandra Bose”, which released in theaters on Friday. In a Facebook post, he mentioned that he is unable to understand the logic behind degrading a film before its release. More than degrading a small film, he felt that it would adversely affect the film business.

Words of Vishnu Unnikrishnan

I may consider it insulting but I don’t understand the logic of degrading a film before its release. The film was released in Kerala on 5th August and the first show was at 10 am but till 9 am there were cyber attacks from some English profiles. There were Pakistani profiles which were commented in English saying that the film is bad. Though it is a small film, clearly it is a deliberate move to demean the film. This comes at a time when family members are showing interest in the film after watching the trailer, teaser and promotions. We are sure that after the release of the film such comments will be ignored and there will be genuine reactions.

More than destroying a small film, I see it as a ploy to destroy the film business. We are not close enough to talk about its international prospects, but given the current circumstances and suspicious operations, the possibility of larger conspiracies cannot be ruled out. More than art, a lot of life depends on cinema. Let’s stand with good films. Directed by VC Abhilash, ‘Sabash Chandra Bose’ stars Johnny Antony and Vishnu Unnikrishnan in the lead roles. The film tells the story of southern Kerala in the 1980s.

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