The World’s 10 Most Valuable Spirit Brands

A Chinese heavyweight cements his place at the top of the pile on this list of the world’s 10 most valuable spirit brands, but some big names are left out entirely.

Asian brands dominate the world’s top 10 most valuable spirits brands, with heavyweight baiju maker Quicho Mutai taking first place, according to a new report from business valuation consultancy, Brand Finance.

Despite a 5% decline in the value of the Chinese brand, it retains a value of US$42.9 billion, according to the Brand Finance report.

Indeed, the company recently forecast a 20% jump in profits for the first six months of this year compared to the same period in 2021, defying fears about Chinese consumer spending.

The report uses a method by which it measures the total numerical economic benefit of a brand’s license as Brand Finance calculates it.

LVMH-owned cognac giant Hennessy is the first brand outside Asia to make the list, with a brand value of $5.2 billion.

Hennessy recently came out at the top of a list that counts the most popular spirits brands on the Internet. The cognac maker has partnered to become the official spirit of the NBA and WNBA, and is fueled by its frequent mentions in popular culture, not the least of its prolific presence in rap songs.

Bacardi, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker also made the top 10 most valuable spirit brands on the Internet list.

Here are the top 10 in full (values ​​represented in USD):

  1. queicho mutai $42.9 billion
  2. wuliangye $28.7 billion
  3. luzhou laojiao $7.3 billion
  4. yanghe $6.4 billion
  5. hennessy $5.2 billion
  6. shanxi xinghuaqun fen wine $5.0 billion
  7. bacardi $3.1 billion
  8. Gujing Gong Jiu $3.1 billion
  9. jack daniels $2.9 billion
  10. Johnnie Walker $2.6 billion
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