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Photo provided Monroe Theater is now accepting applications for the fourth annual Monroe Got Talent. The talent show is scheduled for September 10.

Woodfield – Although the name has been changed, sometimes slightly, officials promise this year’s talent show will be better than ever.

The Monroe County Talent Show, formerly known as Monroe Has Talent, is now renamed Monroe’s Got Talent—a title the show’s executives had been hoping to call from the beginning.

The theater’s production manager, Rick Brown, said he recently received permission to call the show “Monroe’s Got Talent” After national shows such as America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent; However, they are not affiliated with any show.

“At first, there was a problem with the name. We didn’t want to get in trouble for any trademarked material. Finally, after three years, we just got the approval that we can use the name.” That said, the new name is what they intended to call the local talent show from the start.

Also, the officers were allowed to use the star logo in place of “One” in word “Talent.”

“We had to make sure we had the proper approval to use it in the photo,” He added.

Brown said he contacted both national television shows to make sure they could use the name and logo. He said he was informed that anyone has been able to use the words as a spinoff of the show, although they are not affiliated.

“We just want to make sure everyone knows that it’s just a spinoff of that show or that type of competition, but it’s not really a competition,” he said.

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Brown said there are others “Exciting Change” This year’s show includes a $1,000 grand prize for the artist who took first place on the show as well as “celebrity” judges.

In previous years of county shows, the winner was awarded $500, a recording session and demo record, and his own show in the theatre. This year’s winner will receive all those prizes in addition to the big cash prize.

Brown said the judges would include people who are well-versed in the entertainment industry. The three judges will include a radio DJ, a member of the SMP Live Sound Company — a company that has created sound and lighting for entertainers in Nashville — and another longtime entertainer, 40.

Brown said he wants to see this year’s talented contestants perform.

“I think it’s going to be a really good show. With the $1,000 prize, I think it’s going to be tough competition.” They said.

There are only 25 artist slots available to perform in the live show, showcasing the talents of individuals of all ages, connections, or people living in Monroe County.

The theater is now accepting applications for the upcoming September 10 show set. Applications can be obtained from the theater or by contacting the theater at 740-213-5757. The last date to apply is 1st September.

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