The Colts, Buccaneers Chief Cowherd’s Predicted NFL Standings

2022 NFL The season is finally upon us as the 53-man rosters have been finalized and the coaching staff around the league are prepared for the first week and beyond.

The Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered serious injuries during training camp that could turn their seasons around. At the same time, teams such as the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles had strong training camps.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Heard,” Colin Cowherd revised his final standings for the AFC and NFC after the presidency.

*Projected teams making the playoffs are in bold.

Broncos, Vikings highlight Colin’s final revisions in their 2022 predictions

Broncos, Vikings highlight Colin's final revisions in their 2022 predictions

Colin Cowherd made the final revision to his 2022 NFL predictions.

AFC East

buffalo bill (12-5)

miami dolphins

new England Patriots

New York Jets

Colin’s thoughts: “I stick with what I believe. Zack Wilson is out for a month, so I feel even stronger about this prediction. The Dolphins make their way to the playoffs.”

AFC Answer

Cincinnati Bengals (10-7)

Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland Browns

Colin’s thoughts: “I think it will be a Bengals-Ravens division. If it’s the Ravens first, then the Bengals, so be it. But I think the Bengals become a playoff team. In an arms league, they stack up. The Ravens will chase the playoffs until the final week of the season.”

AFC West

Denver Broncos (11-6)

Kansas City Chiefs

Los Angeles Chargers

Las Vegas Raiders

Colin’s thoughts: “Best division in football, hard to argue. Everyone can make the playoffs. The Broncos, Chiefs and Chargers make the playoffs. The Raiders are late looking for the playoffs, but I don’t like the backend of their defense. I guess That Denver would be the Tampa Bay of a few years ago. You just don’t get how good their roster is until you look at it with a good quarterback.”

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AFC South

Indianapolis Colts (10-7)

Tennessee Titans

jacksonville jaguars

Houston Texans

Colin’s thoughts: “Weak division, but keep your eye out for the Jags that surprised some. The Titans lost their best pass rusher, their offensive line is a bit messy, and they lost their top receiver. The Colts are ugly and short of winning Scoring a lot.”

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles (10-7)

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Washington Commanders

Colin’s thoughts: “I’ll stick with it. I thought Washington had a really bad off-season. The Eagles have the best roster, the best pace, and the best off-season. Dallas’ offensive line is bad – at least until Tyrone Smith doesn’t come back.”

NFC Answer

Minnesota Vikings (13-4)

green Bay Packers

Detroit Lions

Chicago Bears

Colin’s thoughts: “I’ve been saying this for months – Minnesota shocks the league, is the 13th-run team and wins the division. I think they stack up on the offensive, and they’re better on defense with Zadarius Smith The Packers don’t have a No. 1 receiver.”

NFC West

Los Angeles Ramso (12-5)

San Francisco 49ers

Arizona Cardinals

Seattle Seahawks

Colin’s thoughts: “The Rams are going to win it, and the Seahawks are in last place. The Niners and the Cardinals – I want to see it. Kyler Murray doesn’t have a helping hand like Trey Lance. The Niners and Cardinals will both be in the playoffs.”

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-7)

New Orleans Saints

Carolina Panthers

Atlanta Falcons

Colin’s thoughts: “I think the Buccaneers have real issues on the offensive line. They are not a dominating team – they are a playoff team. The Saints will play the Buccaneers tightly, but Jameis Winston is someone who makes a lot of mistakes.”

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