Tamara Walcott sets powerlifting record with 639-pound deadlift, ‘sharing this win with everyone’

MANAS, VA – Tamara Walcott set a World Raw Powerlifting Federation record – and broke her old – with a deadlift world record of 639 pounds at the American Pro Powerlifting competition on Saturday.

Walcott received a standing ovation at the Salisbury Centre, where the two-day contest concluded. His new record comes nine months after setting his first deadlift world record of 636 pounds.

On the second day of competition, Walcott went through the squat and bench press categories, before focusing his heaviest efforts of the day in the deadlift category. She began her first deadlift attempt with 275 kg (606.27 lb) and won approval from all three judges before moving on to a heavier second attempt at 290 kg (639.34 lb).

A successful second attempt also resulted in a personal best, setting a new world record along the way. But after learning that Walcott had not completed his second attempt, the cheers and screams of supporters subsided.

“I didn’t feel defeated because I knew I had it in me,” Walcott told ESPN. “As soon as I figured out what needed to be fixed, I was able to regroup. I knew what I needed to fix.”

Walcott made the necessary adjustments before his third and final attempt at the same weight. This time, the roar of the crowd intensified after Walcott passed his third attempt and officially set a new record. An emotional Walcott hugged friends, family members and fellow competitors who applauded her latest achievement.

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“I feel good,” Walcott said. “At the end of the day, it’s a lot bigger than me. Powerlifting is new to me. Everyone I’ve been standing with in this room has been lifting my whole life. I just started about four years ago. Coming up. For in a sport where people have been training for so many years and to be on top, I don’t think I’m there by luck. I think I’m there by faith because it’s so much bigger than me and I’ I am sharing this victory with everyone.”