Small Detroit business providing buses has become a target of thieves

Detroit A small business that provides buses for tours, weddings and even field trips to school kids is trying to elevate its west-facing location on the west side of the city, but it fails to break-in. It is becoming a target.

Earlier buses of expensive catalytic converters were hacked, and now a thief hit the spot twice a day, but this time there is a twist.

Video from a security camera shows an intruder breaking in with a severe limp Detroit Bus Company Grounds on the west side of the city, two expensive bus batteries stolen.

The owners of the establishment called the police.

“So, the police came and cleaned all the buses,” Aaron Cummings said. “They had drawn their guns saying, ‘DPDIf you’re here, come out.'”

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The man with the noticeable limp came back and stole more gear hours later.

“He’s just moving slowly,” Andy Didorosi said.

Didorosi and Cummings jumped into their vehicle and chased the thief at four miles per hour while waiting for police to arrive.

“He just stole a battery,” said the men. “We saw him do it. It’s been going on for an hour now, and it’s the most interesting thing ever.”

The Detroit Police Department pulled over and took the man into custody.

“Once he was arrested, it didn’t feel great,” Cummings said.

Cummings said the reason it didn’t look good was that the thief was incompetent.

“We digested all the events of the day afterward, and we were like, ‘Can we help him,'” Cummings said. “No one wants to do that.”

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As they think of ways to help a disabled person, this is the third break-in where equipment was stolen from a small business trying to build it.

Shane O’Connor said, “You want to go really crazy, but the world doesn’t stop for you, and you just have to pick up the battery and put it back on the bus.”

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