Six Longhorns win gold with Team USA at World Rowing U23 Championships

Waris, Italy – Six members of Texas Rowing won gold with the United States at the 2022 World Rowing Under 23 Championships at Lago de Varese on Saturday. kate nifton, fran ruggi, Anna Jensen And Caitlin Ace Longhorn-Crew captured the crown in the women’s four (BW4-), while Rachel Rane And Lani Nitschow Helped the US to a second consecutive title in the women’s eight (BW8+). Hannah Madecalf The women’s eight added a seventh medal for Longhorn with a silver as part of Great Britain’s runner-up.

Nifton, Raggi, Jensen and Ace won more than five seconds in the women’s four, crossing the line in 6:38.12, followed by Great Britain in 6:43.88, Australia in 6:46.76. Great Britain took an early lead at the 500m mark, taking a 1.1 second advantage. The US boat, powered entirely by longhorns and with the Texas logo on the shell, took it into second gear in the next quarter of the race and took a 3-metre lead at midway point. The United States pushed the lead of 1,500 meters to 14 meters and went on to win the final 500 meters.

Rachel Rane, Kathia NitschowIn the women’s eight, Rane, Nitsch and USA led the entire race to claim a second straight crown for Team USA, while Medcalf and Great Britain finished second and Germany third. The United States, coaxed by Rane and with Nitsch rowing six seats, quickly went out of line and had a 1.84 second lead over Medcalf, rowing three, and Great Britain at the 500 m marker. At midpoint, the Americans held a 13-meter, 2.48-second advantage over Team GB, and extended the lead to 20 meters and 4.07 seconds as they moved into the final quarter of the race. The United States maintained the lead in the final 500 metres, winning in 6:23.03, GB in 6:27.81 and Germany crossing the line in 6:31.20.

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During the opening season, incoming longhorn Marg van der Waal led the Dutch women’s double sculls (BW2x) to victory in the B-final with her teammate Claire de Kock. Italy got ahead early and sat in first place on the 500 metres, the United States slightly behind in second and the Netherlands in third, two meters behind the leaders. Van der Waal and de Kock overtook America in the next 500 meters and were in silver-medal position at the midway marker, yet only two meters from the lead. The Dutch pair overtook Italy in the third quarter of the race and took 11 metres, 2.11 seconds as they moved into the final 500 meters of the race, extending the lead to win with a time of 7:22.22. Lithuania was second in the final 500 meters with a time of 7:26.57, while Italy finished third in 7:28.49.

Friday in action Sofia Calabrese Helped US Crew finish sixth in the women’s quadruple sculls championship final. With Calabrese rowing in two seats, the crew maintained contact with the medal position through the halfway point but was unable to get into contention for hardware. Romania led the 1,500m mark before the Netherlands were able to overtake them in the sprint to win the gold. The Dutch boat claimed the victory with a time of 6:18.30, with Romania taking the silver in 6:18.88 and Germany the bronze in 6:20.72. America finished with a time of 6:28.60.

Women’s pair in B final litigant The Duke’s finished second with Megan Lee to claim eighth place overall. Lee (bow) and Holderness (stroke) were also at the 500m mark with Spain sitting third behind Switzerland and France. The Americans closed the gap on France during the second quarter of the race and moved to second in the third 500 meters. Lee and Holderness were neck and neck with Switzerland as the crew reached the final 500 metres, but the Swiss boat pulled away for the win. Switzerland clocked 7:12.25, with the US clocking 7:14.61. France finished third in 7:19.46.

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Competition in Italy will conclude for the Longhorns tomorrow when upcoming freshman Issie Magee takes on Great Britain in the Women’s Four (JW4-)A final of the World Rowing U19 Championships. Race time is scheduled for 5:40 a.m. CT and can be streamed live on the World Rowing website.

World Rowing U23 Championship Results

Women’s Eight (BW8+) A Final

1. USA – 6:23.03 (Rachel Rane, kathia nitscho,
2. Great Britain – 6:27.81 (Hannah Madecalf,

3. Germany – 6:31.20
4. Netherlands – 6:32.07
5. Italy – 6:32.71
6. Romania – 6:33.40

Women’s Four (BW4-) A Final

1. USA – 6:38.12 (Caitlin Nifton, Francesca Raggi, Anna Jensen, Caitlin Ace,
2. Great Britain – 6:43.88
3. Australia – 6:46.76
4. Romania – 6:47.38
5. France – 6:54.79
6. Poland – 6:58.90

Women’s Quadruple Sculls (BW4x) A Final
1. Netherlands – 6:18.30
2. Romania – 6:18.88
3. German – 6:20.72
4. Czechoslovakia – 6:21.02
5. Italy – 6:27.09

6. USA – 6:28.60 (Sofia Calabrese,

Women’s Double Sculls (BW2x) B Final

1. Netherlands – 7:22.22 (Marg van der Waal)
2. Lithuania – 7:26.57
3. Italy – 7:28.49
4. USA – 7:30.98
5. Denmark – 7:32.60
6. New Zealand – 7:34.18

Women’s pair (BW2-) B final
1. Switzerland – 7:12.25

2. USA – 7:14.61 (litigant,
3. France – 7:19.46
4. Spain – 7:28.20
5. New Zealand – 7:35.24
6. Egypt – 8:18.48

The Longhorns are competing in the World Rowing U19 Championships
World Rowing U19 Championship

Women’s Four (JW4-)
Great Britain: Issy Magee

World Rowing U19 Championship

Sunday, July 31
5:40am CT – Women’s Four Finals A

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