Singer Ranjini Jose rubbishes relationship rumours. Entertainment News

Singer Ranjini Jose has reacted strongly against the dirty rumors about her on social media. The singer says that she has always ignored such rumours before. But now she has felt the need to answer them as it seems they are getting out of hand. Ranjini says that some action should be taken against those who spread such baseless things.

Ranjani’s words

“Some people take great pleasure in writing and reading gossip about celebrities. But please remember one thing. We are human too. I don’t understand why some people are spreading such obscene news about me. I have clearly ignored what was written about me earlier. And I was advised by my close friends to ignore them. So far I have turned a blind eye to them. but not anymore. There is a limit to my tolerance.

If I have posed with a man, it doesn’t mean that we are in a relationship or we are about to get married. When I took a picture with someone I consider to be my older sister, he wrote that we are getting married. “Are they gay” was a media headline. Although homosexuality is considered normal in Kerala, why is it sensationalized to this effect? Don’t have siblings in your family? Don’t you have friends? Is sex the basis of any relationship? Have you always been this narrow minded? Is there no limit to writing such dirty things? Have we ever made any statement to this effect? Why are you deliberately defaming us?

I want a law against this kind of defamatory yellow journalism. Even before this many artists have gone through such a situation. Along with this, he has also been mentally tortured. I am posting this video because I felt the need to react. In addition, I would like to address a few questions for the general public. What do you get from such news? What would you feel if someone was abusing you emotionally? Won’t you get hurt? Same goes for us too. Is this the famous culture of Kerala? Why are you projecting people in such a bad light?

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There should be a law against such deplorable news. This is my stand. You can comment on what I just said. If I see a bad comment, I’ll hunt you down. And I will show no mercy. So think twice before writing such lewd comments. There is a limit to our patience. We all had a tough time during Covid. And we are all trying to get back to normalcy now. That’s why such things are happening. Is this humanity? pity!