Significance, theme and its promise

Every year 26 September is observed as World Environmental Health Day across the world to promote global awareness on various issues surrounding environmental health.

World Environmental Health Day was initiated in 2011 by the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) Councils, an international organization dedicated to the discussion and implementation of steps people at all levels can take to protect the health of the environment. Provides a common global platform for

Importance :-
Human well-being largely depends on the health of the environment so public education about the ways to ensure the cleanliness of the environment and how to maintain its good health is essential. At a time when the world is facing serious issues like global warming, climate change, rapid urbanization, etc., leading to deteriorating environmental quality, public health threats as well as being vulnerable to diseases.

WHO statistics say that about a quarter of the global disease burden every year is directly related to environmental causes. There are many government and private organizations from local to global level that work hard to improve all aspects of human life so that citizens can lead a healthy life, so International Environmental Health Day is celebrated to honor the contribution of such organizations. Is.

theme: –
Every year International Environmental Health Day is celebrated with a special theme. This year, the IFEH Council has announced that the day will be observed with the focal idea of ​​”strengthening environmental health systems for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals”.

The Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the United Nations in 2015, were adopted as a universal action to end poverty, protect the earth, and ensure peace and prosperity for all. Environmental health plays an important role in the implementation of these SDGs and as it faces many challenges, these global goals continue to be achieved.

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Pledge to play our part in celebrating this day:-
World Environmental Health Day encourages not only nations, but local governments to communities and even families to play their part in changing the future of our environmental health for a better today and tomorrow.

Steps as simple as walking to work instead of supporting the charitable wing to raise funds to fight environmental issues can go a long way in making this pledge’s purpose a success.

One can also incorporate eco-friendly methods and lifestyles, join local cleanup programs to keep the community clean, reforestation activities and learn about sustainability and the environment.