Russo-Ukraine War: Warning on ‘safety and security’ of captured nuclear plant; More grain expected to leave Ukraine – Live | Russia

Britain’s intelligence says Russia likely to undermine security of captured nuclear plant

In its daily intelligence briefing, the UK Ministry of Defense focuses on the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which has been under Russian control since March.

It says that while Russia’s intentions for the plant are unclear, “the actions they have taken at the facility have undermined the safety and security of the normal operation of the plant”.

MOD Adds:

The Russian military is probably operating in areas adjacent to the power station and has used artillery units located in these areas to target Ukrainian territory on the west bank of the Dniepro River.

Russian forces probably used extensive facility areas, especially in the nearby town of Enerhodar, to rest their forces, using the protected position of the nuclear power plant to protect their equipment and personnel from overnight Ukrainian attacks to reduce risk. to do.

key events

President of Russia, Vladimir Putinand their Turkish counterparts Risp Tayip Erdogan are about to meet conversation on fridayUkraine and Syria are expected to dominate the agenda.

Erdogan will ride high on diplomatic success in helping to restart Ukrainian grain shipments across the Black Sea when he visits Sochi for his second talks with Putin in more than two weeks. Turkey wants to translate this success into talks between Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Istanbul.

But there are tensions. The Turkish leader was told by Putin in Tehran last month that Russia opposes any new attacks that Turkey may plan against Kurdish militants in northern Syria.

Inspectors begin investigation of cargo ship in Black Sea

A team of inspectors in Turkey on Friday launched an investigation into an empty cargo ship before it left Ukraine’s port of Chornomorsk to collect grain. As part of an agreement to resume Ukrainian grain exports, the Turkish Defense Ministry has said.

The ministry published photos on Twitter showing the inspection team boarding a boat headed for the Barbados-flagged general cargo ship Fulmar S, which was anchored in the Black Sea north of Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait.

Ukrayna’nin Cernomorsk Limanindan Tahil Almaya Gitmek Uzere Istanbul’un Kuzeindeki Demir Yerinde Bulunan Barbados Bandiral Fulmar s Isimali Bose Geminin Musterek Kordinsyon Merkezi Timi.

— TC Mill, Savunma Baknali (@tcsavunma) 5 August 2022

Ukraine has called for a deal that eases a blockade of Russia’s Black Sea grain exports to include other products.Like metals, the Financial Times has reported.

“This agreement is about logistics, about the movement of ships through the Black Sea,” Ukraine’s deputy economy minister Taras Kachka told the FT. “What is the difference between grain and iron ore?”

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky reprimanded Amnesty International anymore accused its forces of violating international law and endangering civilians in their defense against Russian invasion.

In a report on Thursday, Amnesty listed incidents in 19 cities and towns in which Ukrainian forces have harmed civilians by setting up bases in residential areas – a conclusion Zelensky equated to victim blaming in his evening address.

The rights group, he said, had sought to offer “an apology to the terrorist state and transfer responsibility from the attacker to the victim”.

“There is no condition, even hypothetically, under which any Russian attack on Ukraine can be justified. The aggression against our state is unprovoked, offensive and terroristic.

If someone makes a report that equates the victim and the attacker in some way… it cannot be tolerated.”

Relatives of prisoners of war captured by the Russians after the fall of Mariupoli Gathered in central Kyiv on Thursday Asking for information about your husband, father and sons After a strike last week at a prison housing PoWs in a separatist region of eastern Ukraine that killed and injured dozens.

Russia and Ukraine have blamed each other for the attack, while US officials believe Russia is trying to plant false evidence to make it appear that Ukrainian forces were responsible.

Relatives of prisoners of war are becoming disheartened at the lack of information about the fate of their loved ones. Because the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) acted as a guarantor of the safety of military members who left Azovstal in May, they are looking to the committee to respond.

“Our goal is to reach the Red Cross, saying that they are not fulfilling their duties. We entrusted them with the lives of our boys, ”says Irina Yermoshina, the wife of a POW.

Protesters, including a woman covered in fake blood, hold signs condemning the attack on Olenivka
Olha, the wife of a defender of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, at Thursday’s rally in Kiev. Photograph: Valentin Ogirenko/Reuters

Summary and welcome

Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. these are the latest developments

  • Ukraine has ceded some territory in the Donbass region to the Russian military along with Kyiv, acknowledging Russia’s “partial success” in recent days. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has described the pressure of his forces in the country’s east as “hell”. According to Ukrainian General Oleksiy Horomov, he has recaptured two villages near the town of Sloviansk, but is forced to abandon a coal mine regarded as a major defensive position as forces move outside Avdievka. pushed into the area.
  • Russia may launch an offensive in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson To try to take the momentum back from Kyiv and is clearly building up forces, Horomov said on Thursday. Most of the territory is already occupied by Russia since the territories were captured at the beginning of their offensive, but Ukrainian forces are developing a countermeasure to recapture the area.
  • Three more grain-carrying ships have been authorized to leave Ukraine’s ports The brokerage was brokered on Friday as part of an international agreement to unblock grain exports and ease the global food crisis. The ships are bound for Turkey, Ireland and the UK. Millions of tons of grain have been stuck in Ukraine since Russia’s invasion six months ago.
  • Ukraine is expected to receive approximately $8bn. will receive another financial package of from the European Union until September, a German government source told Reuters.
  • Canada to send 225 Canadian armed forces to the UK to resume training of Ukrainian military recruitsThe Canadian Defense Minister has announced. Since 2015, Canada has trained 33,000 Ukrainian military and security personnel, but aspects of the training have been halted in February.
  • Eight people were killed and four wounded in Russian artillery shelling in the eastern Ukrainian city of Toretsk In Donetsk Oblast on Thursday, the regional governor said. The shelling took place at a public transport stop where people had gathered. Region governor Pavlo Kirilenko said three children were among the injured.
  • NATO members working closely with defense companies to ensure greater supplies of arms and equipment to Ukraine To be prepared for an ending war with Russia, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday. He told Reuters in an interview: “We are providing a lot of support but we need to do even more and be prepared for the long haul.”
  • A US official accuses Moscow of preparing for fake evidence To see that the recent mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners in an attack on a Russian-controlled prison was caused by Ukraine. Kyiv and Moscow have charged last week for the attack on the Kremlin-controlled Olenivka prison in eastern Ukraine.
  • Amnesty International has said that the Ukrainian military is endangering the lives of civilians by staying in residential areas., The report has been rejected by representatives of the Ukrainian government, who say it blames Ukraine for the Russian invasion. Researchers from the human rights group found that the Ukrainian military was using some schools and hospitals as bases, firing near homes and sometimes living in residential flats. Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Mallier accused Amnesty of “distorting the real picture” and failing to understand the situation on the ground.

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