Russo-Ukraine War: Drone Attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Headquarters; Zelensky urges citizens to leave Donetsk – latest update | Ukraine

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Ukraine’s military said more than 100 Russian soldiers were killed and seven tanks destroyed in fighting in the country’s south on Friday.

The region includes the Kherson region, which is the center of Kyiv’s counter-offensive in that part of the country and is an important link in Moscow’s supply lines.

Rail traffic to Kherson on the Dniepro River was cut off, Reuters reported on Saturday, citing the army’s southern command, potentially separating Russian forces from occupied Crimea on the river’s west and supplies to the east.

South of the city of Bakhmut, which Russia has cited as a major target in Donetsk, the Ukrainian military said Russian forces had been “partially successful” in establishing control over the Semihyria settlement by storming from three directions.

The army evening report, referring to the Russian army, said, “It established itself on the outskirts of the settlement.”

UK defense and intelligence officials portrayed the Russian military as struggling to keep pace.

pro-Ukrainian governor of the Kherson region, Dimitro ButryuSaid fighting continues in many parts of the region and Berislav district, located to the north-west of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Plant, has been particularly badly affected.

He wrote on Telegram:

In some villages there is not a single house left, all the infrastructure has been destroyed, people are living in the basements.

Just north of what Moscow’s forces had captured in early July, Ukrainian partisans destroyed a railway junction box near the Russian-controlled city of Svatov on Friday night, leaving a train bound for Moscow. It became difficult to transport ammunition in the lines of, the regional governor of Luhansk, Serhi Gaidai, Said in an online post.

Earlier this week officials from the Russian-appointed administration running the Kherson region rejected Western and Ukrainian assessments of the situation.

Latvia urges EU to declare Russia sponsor of terrorism

Latvia’s foreign minister has urged the European Union to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

edgars rinkvisi It also said in a tweet that he condemned the “brutal killing of Ukrainian POWs by the Russian Armed Forces”. oleinivka and against the atrocities being committed by the Russian army Ukraine,

He urged the European Union to ban tourist visas for Russians.

Rinkowi’s remarks came after at least 50 prisoners of war were killed in an attack on a prison oleinivkaIn Russian-occupied Donetsk, which has been accused by Ukraine and Russia.

Rinkuvis said in his tweet:

EU must treat Russia as state sponsor of terrorism, I reiterate EU’s proposal to impose tourist visa restrictions [Russian] Citizen.

I condemn the brutal killing of Ukrainian POWs by the Russian Armed Forces #oleinivka and against the atrocities being committed by the Russian army #Ukraine, #The European Union should consider #Russia As the state sponsor of terrorism, I reiterate the proposal to impose EU tourist visa restrictions for citizens

— edgars rinkevics (@edgarsrinkevics) 30 July 2022

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Irina VereshchukThe U.S. has said that the evacuation of people from the eastern Donetsk region should be carried out before the onset of winter as the region’s natural gas supply has been destroyed.

He was cited by domestic Ukrainian media outlets, while separately, President Volodymyr Zelensky Said his government was ordering mandatory evacuations in Donetsk, the scene of fierce fighting with Russia.

Reuters reported him as saying in a televised address that hundreds of thousands of people still in war zones in the larger Donbass region – which includes Donetsk as well as the neighboring Luhansk region – need to be evacuated.

he said:

more people leave [the] Donetsk region Now, the Russian army will have time to kill fewer people.

Zelensky said residents who left would be compensated.

Many refuse to go but it still needs to be done.

Five injured in drone strike at Russia’s Black Sea Fleet headquarters

The governor of Sevastopol said a drone flew over the Russian headquarters of its Black Sea Fleet, injuring five people.

Quoted by Russia’s official Ria-Novosti news agency Mikhail Razvozzaev It also said that due to security reasons all festivities have been canceled in the city on the occasion of Navy Day.

Russian state media is reporting that the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has been hit by a drone attack, injuring five. Today is Navy Day in Russia, with major naval parades planned in St. Petersburg and other cities.

— Andrew Roth (@Andrew__Roth) 31 July 2022


Hello and welcome to the Guardian’s continuing coverage of the war in Ukraine. Here is a summary of the latest events as it passes through this Sunday 31 July 2022 at 9 AM in Kyiv.

  • Ukrainian authorities have condemned a call by Russia’s embassy in Britain for Azov regiment fighters to face “disgraceful” execution., the agency France-Press reported. Twitter said the embassy had violated its rules on “hateful conduct” but warned on the tweet rather than banning posts about a Ukrainian battalion that maintains some far-right affiliation. The head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andrey Yermak, replied on Telegram on Saturday: “In the 21st century, only savages and terrorists can talk at the diplomatic level about the fact that people deserve to be hanged. Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism. What more proof do you need?”
  • Russian attacks on Ukraine’s frontline have killed one person in the country’s south and damaged a school in Kharkiv., officials said. AFP reported that the mayor of the southern city of Mykolaiv said one person had been killed in rockets fired at two residential districts at night. In Ukraine’s second city of Kharkiv, rockets from the S-300 surface-to-air system destroyed part of an educational facility, local officials said.
  • Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for the evacuation of the Eastern Donetsk region Ukraine, which has seen fierce conflict between its country’s military and the Russian military. The governor of Donetsk, where Moscow is bearing the brunt of its attack, said on Friday six civilians were killed and 15 wounded in the attacks. Zelensky said in his daily address: “There is already a government decision regarding the mandatory evacuation from the Donetsk region. Please, follow the evacuation.” Zelensky said that thousands of people, including children, are still on the battlefield of the Donetsk region.
  • The Ukrainian military said it killed several Russian soldiers in fighting in the Kherson region and destroyed two ammunition dumps, the focus of Kyiv’s counter-offensive to the south and an important link in Moscow’s supply lines. Reuters reported the Army’s Southern Command as saying that rail traffic to Kherson on the Dnipro River was cut off, potentially separating Russian forces from occupied Crimea on the west of the river and supplies to the east.
  • Gazprom suspends gas supply to Latvia Tensions between Moscow and the West followed the conflict in Ukraine and widespread sanctions against Russia, AFP reports. The company on Wednesday drastically cut gas delivery through the Nord Stream pipeline to about 20% of its capacity in Europe. EU states have accused Russia of squeezing supplies in retaliation for Western sanctions on Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • Russia announces it is banning 32 New Zealand officials and journalists from entering its territoryIn response to similar measures taken by Wellington against Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine, AFP reported. The mayor of Wellington is Andrew Foster, subject to restrictions; Auckland Mayor Philip Goff; Commander of the New Zealand Navy, Commodore Garin Golding; and journalists Kate Green and Josie Pagani, Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement.
  • The United States ambassador to the United Nations said on Friday that there should no longer be any doubt that Russia intends to destroy Ukraine, Reuters reported. Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the UN Security Council that the US is seeing growing signs from Russia that efforts are being made to connect all the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk and the southern Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions.
  • Russia is “running out of steam” in its war on UkraineRichard Moore, the head of Britain’s MI6 intelligence agency, said in a brief comment on Twitter on Saturday. Moore commented on an earlier tweet from the Defense Ministry which said the Kremlin was “getting desperate”.
  • Russia and Ukraine have both launched criminal investigations into attacks that reportedly killed at least one 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war who were kept in a pre-trial detention center in the village of Olenivkas, After both countries blamed the other side for the attack. The United Nations is ready to send a group of experts to Olenivka to investigate the incident if it receives the consent of both sides.
  • Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmitry Kuleba, has accused Russia of “a terrible war crime”. over the murders and called on world leaders to “recognize Russia as a terrorist state.”
  • Ukraine says it is ready to export grain to leave its ports again But waiting for the green signal from the United Nations.

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