Robotair aims to ease pressure on car dealers

Founded in 2018 by a software engineer named Victor Darolfi, Robotair uses the same robots that automakers use on vehicle assembly lines to automatically remove wheel and tire assemblies from a car. Depending on the version of the Robotair system, the tire can be moved automatically to the Hunter Revolution machine. The human will still need to load the tire and wheel, but the Hunter machine removes the old tire and installs the new one after it is loaded. The wheel is also balanced by the same machine.

“It usually takes a human an average of an hour to [change] a set of tyres. Robotair can do it in 25 minutes or less,” Darolfi said.

He said his system can increase throughput by about three times what most dealers typically do. Another big advantage, Darfoli said, is that it will be easier for dealers to get help with their tire sales operations.

“The number 1 reason that dealers and tire stores are interested in this robotic system are the technicians,” he said. “We’ve ended up with so many technical schools that we’re no longer training high school students. So it’s a new way of attracting talent that doesn’t consider the automotive sector. Maybe they have to work on tires.” There is no desire to do, but they are interested in robots.

“This is his foray into the world of robotics.”

The Robotair system is programmed to work only on domestic and Asian cars, SUVs, crossovers, minivans and some pickups. The company is working on adding European vehicles to its list of vehicles, a process that could take a few years. Heavy duty trucks will also be added.

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