Robbie Williams: ‘I still have a bunch of insecurities’ | Entertainment News

Robbie Williams still grapples with insecurities.

The former Take That singer, 48, says he’s stuck between doing “all or nothing” at some point, but trying to be happy in the moment.

He told the Daily Telegraph magazine on Saturday (30.07.22): “I was reading something about fame – and there are four stages to fame. And I can’t remember the first three.

“But the fourth is to accept what has happened to you.

“I’m not saying I’ve reached a Zen-like state, because I still have a bunch of insecurities, and I’m either all or nothing at any particular moment.”

Robbie is said to have a “state of ease” that he aims to make things “a lot easier than I’ve been in my entire adult life”.

The singer, whose drug, drink, and mental health issues are well-documented — and who has opened up about her hair loss and weight battles — admitted in the same interview that she set up an online forum to check it out. Tested whether he was a narcissist.

It came back with “mild signs” of personality disorder, but Robbie insists in a chat with wife Ayda that his ego is “simply an image I project to facilitate my wonderful lifestyle”.

Robbie, who has children Teddy, nine, Charlie, seven, Coco, three, and Beau, two, with wife Ayde Field, 43, said: “Okay, let’s break it down. loves himself? well I do not. love his voice? I don’t.

“Like their songs, they think they’re the best? I don’t. But I want and need more of everything. So there’s my ego, I guess. It’s really f****** * is complicated.”

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He also put forward this argument: “People will regard the ego as basically someone who is full of their own importance and with an inflated sense of self.”