Ringing in the Year: Top 10 Hostel Essentials for Freshmen | Entertainment

It’s no secret that it’s okay to get ahead in the day, and students are scrambling to get everything ready on time. There are a million different dorm essential lists at Oklahoma State University and all over Google and I’m going to give you another one.

Here is a list of the top ten hostels that newcomers to Oklahoma State University may not think about.

#10: Umbrella/Rain Jacket

Stillwater, Oklahoma, is a very green place and it definitely rained a lot along the way. I can’t say how many times I got caught in the rain and had to pull up my umbrella on my way to class. When the weather in Oklahoma changes so often, it’s so easy to keep an umbrella or rain jacket in your dorm or backpack.

#9: Keurigo

I love some coffee, and I didn’t like getting up at 8:30 a.m. three days a week. My Keurig got me through some rough mornings and full night study sessions. The coffee shops on campus are not open 24 hours a day and you don’t always want to leave your hostel. If you’re a coffee lover like me, get yourself a Keurig and some creamer in your dorm fridge for those tired mornings.

#8: Wall Scent Plugged In

One of the saddest things I was told before I started college was that in dorms, candles, wax melts and anything that smells good is not allowed to burn. One thing I loved so I didn’t have to spray room spray was the Wall Plug In from Ferez or Bath & Body Works. Plug-ins automatically dispense fragrance and are dorm-friendly. My personal favorite, Bath and Body Works, has all the different scents you can buy and replace the plug with. It is a good alternative to candles.

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#7: Mirror

Dorms don’t come with standing mirrors and one thing I used all the time was my tall mirror that I bought from Hobby Lobby. A tall mirror and a desktop or handheld one was very useful to have at the ready and something that people don’t usually think of.

#6: Extra Storage

This is the next big one. For how much stuff a college student needs, there isn’t much storage in a dorm room. Be sure to bring some extra storage. Best would probably be bins and baskets under your bed, a rolling cart for easy access to carry items, especially your bathroom essentials, and extra furniture. I brought a little nightstand because the room didn’t have one, a small square table to set my fridge atop, and a six-cube piece of furniture with storage bins for extra space. All of these things were too easy and didn’t put enough emphasis on the other lists I’ve seen.

#5: Power Strip

A power strip is a great thing if you have a lot of electronics. If you have a roommate, there aren’t many outlets for two people to share. A power strip can help you plug in your TV, Xbox, computer, and charge all your devices.

#4: First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential for all college students, not just freshmen. I’m super accident prone and this was something I didn’t wish I had. Every time I got a cut or needed medicine, I reached for something that wasn’t there. This is something that I think every college freshman needs like nothing else on this list.

#3: Brita

Starting off our top three on the dorm essentials list is a Brita filter. Tap water isn’t the best thing in the world at Stillwater, and even though reducing plastic use isn’t your thing, always having a case for water in your room gets tiring after a while. A Brita filter and a reusable water bottle in your dorm room are essential to staying hydrated and not using plastic completely. It’s also really convenient to have clean, cool water on hand.

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#2: Mattress Topper

This next one really earns its spot on the list. Dorm room mattresses really aren’t the most comfortable sleeping mechanism and not much can be done about it. Except to buy a mattress topper. Having a three-inch memory foam mattress topper in my bed in my dorm made it even more comfortable than my bed at home. It is one of the best investments for college freshmen.

#1: Cowboy Boots and Cowboy Hat

Coming to number one and best essentials for students at Oklahoma State University are cowboy boots and cowboy hats for OSU events. Everything from game days to nights out, everyone needs a good pair of shoes to grab. As an Oklahoma native going to Cavender and getting a nice cowboy hat was a historic experience for me. Cowboy boots and hats go with everything and are a staple for the OSU Cowboys.