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Global slowdown in Gulf weather; Mixed luck in Maghreb region amid rising inflation; GCC Banks emerges in strong shape after pandemic

Troubled times are upon us. Covid-19 continues to test supply chains, with inflation rising and geopolitical tensions rising.

The conflict in Ukraine has triggered a new cold war between the West and Russia, while wars in Syria and Yemen are raging in the Middle East, and other countries such as Libya and Lebanon move from one crisis to another.

In comparison, the six GCC countries have become more stable since the signing of the Al-Ula Declaration in January 2021, ending the Qatar diplomatic dispute.

Higher oil prices have given the six GCC states more fiscal headroom, allowing them to ease the austerity measures that have dominated the economic agenda since the 2014 collapse in oil prices.

While it would be bold to suggest that the GCC will completely escape the stress of the recession being felt by the rest of the world, a more grounded claim is that the region’s solid fundamentals and position as an energy exporter save it from the worst global recession,

Read why GCC would be like this in conjunction with sustainability and opportunity Important market for international companies In August issue of MEED Business Review,

This month, MEED also presents a special report on gulf bankAnd GCC finds lenders in an upbeat mood due to strong liquidity and rising profits in line with interest rate hikes.

August’s 21-page market focus on the Maghreb, meanwhile, discusses the project’s markets and the political situation Algeria, Libya, Morocco And Tunisia.

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Must read section in august 2022 edition of MEED Business Review Involved:

, Agenda: Gulf countries hope for upcoming hurricane season

, projects: Long-term plans support project activity

, Opinion, turbulent times for aviation

, MEED Comments: Mitigating the Effects of Rising Costs /
UAE hopes for foreign investment on Adnoco

, monthly briefing, 13 major developments in the region

, Biden in the Middle East: Biden visit clears way for Saudi-Egyptian route

, MEED Economic Activity IndexEnergy prices continue to rise in GCC

, Gulf Banking Report: Regional banks exposed for broadcast

, energy transition: Independent water projects keep pace

, Interview: Glasspoint focuses on the industrial process sector

, UK-GCC trade: UK starts free trade talks with GCC

, Gas: Qatar scripts success story for LNG sector

, Leadership: Middle East leaders backing carbon credits market

, Expo: Expo City Meets Business Goals

, Maghreb Market Focus:

, Algeria dodges diplomatic repercussions

, Libya is again divided by the East-West Division.

, Rabat suffers from economic risk

, Tunis is nearing the end of its rope

, market snapshot: Oman hotel pipeline supports tourism development

, market talkEnvision Thinks Smart for a Green Future

, gulf projects index: gulf projects market decline in june

, june 2022 contracts, Saudi Arabia hikes prices of regional deals

, Business outlook: finance, oil and gas, construction, electricity and water contracts

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