PSNI Belfast Pride branded vehicles seen ahead of the weekend’s main parade event

A new PSNI vehicle that has been rebranded for Belfast Pride is seen ahead of the city’s main parade on Saturday afternoon.

That particular rainbow outfit can be seen running to the side of the vehicle, which also bears the words “Police with pride”.

The Belfast Pride Parade starts at 1 pm and will last until 3 pm.

In 2017, PSNI officers in uniform took part in the city’s parade for the first time in their history, when the first officers participated, but not in uniform.

Since then, the service has been more clearly represented in the program each year.

Speaking about the vehicle, a PSNI spokesperson said: “The Pride is an important series of events for those in the LGBT+ community and the Police Service of Northern Ireland welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate support to all of our communities.

History of Belfast Pride

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“Police with Pride’ leveraged police vehicles underscore our ongoing commitment to visible, accessible and accountable policing for all in Northern Ireland.”

That’s because PSNI will be hosting this year’s annual UK & Ireland LGBT+ Policing Conference which will take place on Friday at the Europa Hotel in Belfast.

PSNI Chief Constable, Simon Byrne, said: “We are extremely proud to host this year’s LGBT+ convention and to showcase the city of Belfast as a welcoming, safe and inclusive city.

“This is an important opportunity for allies and partners in the UK and Ireland to share ideas and perspectives and learn on a range of topics such as diversity, community engagement and community cohesion in policing.

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“It also underscores our ongoing commitment to visible, accessible and responsive policing in Northern Ireland.

“The collaborative effort of everyone who has worked hard to make this convention possible reflects the conference theme of ‘Empowering Partnership.’ I especially thank our own LGBT+ network for Pride Week and the efforts throughout the year I want to give