Premier Trails Provide an Excellent Day of Recreation

Open restricted race slip in Birkett Field

The HTA’s premier trails at Burkett Field, Threlkeld, provide an excellent day’s entertainment.

There were a lot of runners, some exciting finishes and the weather stalled throughout the meet.

There were 16 runners in the opening senior trail and four came to a simultaneous finish. In fact, they needed a camera to sort them out because there was only a dog’s length between them.

After consulting the photographic evidence, Roy Ladler’s Kirkhead Rebel was declared the winner just before the swiftly ending Winterfell, who had won the first.

Winterfell is owned by Barry Ladler and Caroline Clough and coached by the Bell family of Yorkshire.

Also involved in the tight finish was Miterdale Dusk who placed Hunter’s Flame in third place.

The Senior Maiden’s race was heatedly contested with seven runners finally coming in a row.

Tony Jackson’s kinniside Dan and Imagine split for Brian and Joey Lister and in another tight call it was Dan who stood up for the win.

It was tight for the remaining tickets with just a few yards between the four dogs left.

The uncovered puppies had 10 quality entries and the favorite was shipped to Dennis Bland’s Rebel of the Huntsman. He didn’t disappoint, leaving the main pack to enter him Season win.

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He is now in 10th place with the advantage of Ned who could only manage fifth place on this occasion.

The Puppy Girls had a field of 19 and it was David Clifford’s Eden Radarna, who came up with a small lead, but managed to catch and defeat Denise Blands, one of the Huntsman’s Ruby, who is now on the ticket. is happening in the middle.

The open restricted saw the largest field of the day, 30, and Dennis was successful again. Huntsman’s Nimrod came home nicely with kennel-mate Huntsman Quirk in second place.

Although there were only six hounds running in the Giants, they were all of high quality.

Billy Birkett’s latest clip Gen James repeats his Tuesday victory coming home ahead of the Mitterdale Shadows.

That win moves them to the top of the Veterans Championship with Hawkeswood, who finished third, now just one point behind.

The next trails are in Russialand on Monday, the first race at 6pm.

August 6 – HTA Premier Trails – Birkett Field

  • hounds – 1. Kirkhead rebel; 2. Winterfell; 3. Mitterdale Dusk; 4. Hunter’s Flame; 5. Reebok; 6. Eagle Star. 16 ran, time 26.41.
  • Senior Maidens – 1. Kinyside Dan; 2. imagine; 3. Foxpark LOL; 4. Overwater Louie; 5. Foxpark Shacklekboom; 6. Intensity. 17 ran away. time 27.32.
  • open pups – 1. huntsman’s rebel; 2. Lady Million; 3. Huntsman’s Rally; 4. Foxpark Beep Beep; 5. Ned’s Advantage; 6. Dream Catcher. 10 ran, time 17.46.
  • Puppy Maidens – 1. Eden Radarna; 2. Huntsman’s Ruby; 3. Annie May; 4. Malia; 5. Sweet dreams; 6. Lucky Lottie. 19 ran away. Time 18.12.
  • open restricted – 1. huntsman’s nimrod; 2. The strangeness of the huntsman; 3. Eagle Girl; 4. Eagle Rock; 5. Overwater Flash; 6. Breton. 30 runs, time 16.54.
  • Veteran – 1. General James; 2. Mitterdale shade; 3. Hawkswood; 4. Huntsman Major; 5. manna; 6. Foxpark hooligans. 6 ran, time 18.25.
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