PreciousX set to launch e-hailing app to deepen expansion

To expand its offerings, PreciousX Galactic is set to launch an e-hailing app and advance Artificial Intelligence personal assistance service to deepen its footprint in the country.

This was recently made known by the company’s CEO and founder Precious Future Jonah while unveiling its future PAN in Lagos.

With this addition, PreciousX will join its portfolio of businesses in science, fintech, virtual reality gaming, eSports and e-commerce.

“We will launch our e-hailing app, smartphones, advanced AI personal assistants, social networks, smart electric vehicles, renewable energy and Africa’s first smart city,” he said in a statement.

Founded about three years ago, the business is the parent company of many other affluent companies such as BrainX, PreciousX Technologies, PreciousX Interactive Ltd., PreciousX Finance, PreciousX Labs, Meta Platform Ltd., Yagotron Electronics Co. Ltd., PekiGames and BrainX Innovative. systems ltd

Jonah has already carved a niche for himself in the global market in the field of science and technology through his various companies, which according to him can hold its own anywhere in the world.

“For example under my electronics and electrical brand, Yagotron®, Yagotron Electronics Co Ltd, we have touched many countries with our brands. I design most of my inventions with a touch of innovation,” he said.

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“We have our home and kitchen appliances like Yagopods, power banks, smart lighters, air fryers, portable wireless speakers, smart TVs, clippers, electric unicycles, computer and laptop accessories, home theaters, fridges and smart waste bins,” he said. Told.

“At PreciousX®, the mission is to push the waves and boundaries of space, science and technology.”

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“In the future, PreciousX will help enhance science and technology in education, nanotechnology, augmented reality, medical fields, space travel, tactile virtual reality, cyber security, interactive technology, renewable energy, blockchain technology, smart vehicles, virtual reality. , exports, air transport, land transport, sea transport, robotics and much more” he said.

He also said that his products are being used in countries such as Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Namibia and Senegal, especially with the Yagotron brand.

Another of his company, BrainX, is said to have completed over 1000 projects for various companies in Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States.

According to him, PreciousX Education has helped over 1000 students study abroad, with universities offering free tuition in Europe and other parts of the world.