Police drop investigation into JK Rowling’s death threats involving Salman Rushdie. Entertainment

Police have dropped JK Rowling’s investigation into Salman Rushdie’s death threats.

The 57-year-old “Harry Potter” writer was warned “you’re next” by an online troll after she stabbed the “The Satanic Verses” author on stage in August as she prepared to give a speech in New York. . Faridabad.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland has now told The Sun that the investigation was jeopardized because the perpetrator lived outside the UK.

He said: “Following a report made to the police regarding an online threat on Saturday, 13 August 2022, the matter has been questioned and it has been established that it was made with the UK.

“The inquiry is now complete and there is no further police action at this time.”

JK had said online after Salman was stabbed: “Terrible news. Feeling very sick right now. Let him be fine.”

A Twitter user named Mir Asif Asif replied: “Don’t worry you’re next.”

JK shared screenshots of the threat and told fans: “Police is involved (already involved in other threats.)”

After voicing her support for women-only spaces, the author has been at the center of a flood of hate and threats, accusing her of transphobia, which she has denied.

She said last month that social media is a “gift” for her online trolls, telling Graham Norton on Virgin Radio UK: “Social media can be a lot of fun and I love the pub logic aspect of it. It’s a funny thing.” Might be possible.

“But there is no doubt that social media is a gift to those who wish to behave in a malicious manner.”

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JK’s home was targeted by pro-trans protesters last year when his home address was posted online by internet trolls.

She said: “I try to behave online because I want others to behave. I’ve obviously never threatened anyone, and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to go to their house or anything like that. “