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Over the years, TV show adaptations have grown in popularity, bringing their source material to the screen with hours’ worth of episodes not afforded for typical film adaptations. While classic book-to-TV adaptations are arguably still the most common, advances in technology have made other forms of adaptations common. There are now several video game-to-TV series adaptations, and more recently, podcast-to-TV series adaptations.

Bringing a podcast to the screen comes with its own set of pros and cons. Serialized podcasts are often several hours long, providing solid story arcs that can be hard to find in more simple video games. However, since podcasts are an audio medium, it is up to television producers to learn how to best visualize the source material.

So what are some examples of podcast-to-TV series adaptations, and which are worth investigating? Stacker compiled a list of all podcasts turned into TV series with over 1,000 votes on IMDb and ranked according to IMDb user ratings, later broken down by votes.

From “Homecoming” to “The Dropout,” here’s a ranking of the 17 TV shows that podcasts are based on.

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