PHOTOS: Texans wear new Battle Red helmets during training camp

HOUSTON (CW39) — The Houston Texans decided to make Friday the second day of their training camp Battle Raid Day, but with a surprise.

Texans players practice with the team’s new optional red helmet, having debuted publicly since its release a few weeks ago.

“You know when you’re a youth franchise, you don’t have a lot of throwback uniform jerseys, but for us to present this Battle Red helmet, I love the look of it,” said Texans head coach Lavi Smith said. “And sure, I know we’re in Houston, but it’s a little bit H-Town for us, so it’s nice to have a little different flavor to practice today.”

Unfortunately, this will be the last time the Texans will wear the red helmet until Thursday, November 3, when the Texans host the Philadelphia Eagles at NRG Stadium for Thursday night’s edition of Battle Red Day.

As of Friday morning, fans loved the new helmet, and so did the players.

“I love the red helmet, I think it’s so cute,” said linebacker Camu Grugier-Hill. “Especially with the red jersey, it’s going to look sleek. you guys like them? I’ll go all red, all red. ,

The red helmet will go with the Texans’ red jersey and white pants, but for now, there could be lots of new versions of the Texans’ look going forward.

“I think they are great. I wish we could wear them more than once,” said offensive lineman Justin Britt. “It got me interested to see if we can get a white one too. The more the better, but it’s definitely a really cool change. I wish we had at least red parts on our helmets instead of blue ones, because I feel like we’re still blue, but it’s nice and different to look at. ,