Pastor calls for ‘whoop’ at Jamaica 60 church service. Entertainment

Rev. Dr. Devon Dick explains his feelings about Sklibang Whop Whop Song on Sunday morning during the Ecumenical Church Service for Jamaica 60, which was held at Boulevard Baptist Church in St. Andrew.

Pastor Dick, the host at the church, was welcoming dignitaries to the service when he decided to address Prime Minister Andrew Holness directly.

“Mr Prime Minister, we want to tell you that we support you when you say you are against that song” Whop Whop Whop, Because any song that’s promoting violence in this country isn’t for us, so we support you,” Dick, whose “Whip, Whop, Whop” tone was on point, expressed his approval and some laughs. Said with

The song, recorded by dancehall artist Skilibang and featuring FS, is a single ‘Gun Chun’ which was released in March and has proven to be extremely popular in dancehall. Whop Whop It has garnered nearly 21 million views on YouTube since its release four months ago.

The chorus says: ” Scope pon mi glock / suh mi gun sound wen eh clap / whop whop whop / whop whop whop / brup,

The Prime Minister sang it for condemnation at a meeting of the Jamaica Labor Party in St. Catherine’s on 12 June.

“We are being defined by some very limited things. Whop Whop and man man and ensure, All those things have their place, but it cannot define us. We must not allow this to define us,” Holness told the gathering at the time.

At the Sunday service, Holnes went on stage to read the Scriptures.

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Giving the sermon was Bishop Delford Davis, the founder of Power of Faith Ministries International Inc., a man who has a reputation for “preaching the gospel unceasingly with passion without fear or favour”.

Davies urged those at Sanctuary and Online to “get your new look out of the old book and the nation will be rekindled, the nation will be reunited, and we will embrace each other as we should”.

Olivia Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, quoted Bible and Bob Marley as saying that “there was much to celebrate in our Diamond Jubilee year”.

“Without prejudice, our women have given us a lot to please, especially in sports… We are qualifying for the finals of the recently concluded Reggae Girls World Cup in a row. On Thursday Sakaj won the Festival Song Contest with the song Noah Way Nun Nice Like Yard, Last night, Danielle Mayne won the Jamaica 60 Gospel Stars contest,” Grange said, as the prime minister whispered in her ear that she had something special for Jamaican women.

The government, through the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, hosted the service under the theme Governing a Nation for Greatness with Gratitude, Discipline and Commitment to God.

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