Northumberland County Council seeks local business insights to aid economic recovery

County Council is asking Northumberland businesses to outline their current and future hiring needs.

As the county continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the local authority has launched this year’s Employer Skills Survey to help ensure the right training and development programs are implemented for businesses.

A spokesman on behalf of the council commented: “With so many job and development opportunities in the county, this survey is an important tool in informing the support that County Council and its partners can provide to employers and residents.”

The survey asks about business skills as well as more ‘soft skills’ such as communication and leadership, and also explores what types of training businesses have access to, how they make sure employees have the right skills. And how their plans are affected by the current economic situation. ,

Councilor Wojciech Ploszcz, Cabinet Member of Business, said: “Last year’s survey was well received and dozens of businesses were involved, providing invaluable insight into some of the challenges employers were facing at the time.

“To build on this success, we are launching it again and urge all businesses to complete the survey, which will only take 10 minutes. The County Council provides support services to businesses and residents directly and through partner organizations.” Offers a wide range.

“As economic conditions change in all regions, it is important to understand how these changes are affecting businesses in Northumberland so that we can provide relevant support for the current and future needs of local businesses.”

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