New Orleans Saints ready for business in London

Not that there were doubts the New Orleans Saints wouldn’t take off in London, not paying close attention to their game win against Minnesota on Sunday, but perhaps Monday was a smidgen more lasering for New Orleans, who lost Sunday’s 22-14. After 1-2. to Carolina.

“We’re on a business trip here,” said trailing Mark Ingram II, whose 5-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter pulled New Orleans to within 13-7. “Obviously, yesterday was a tough one. But we’re here to improve, we’re here to get better. We saw the movie, we had a great team meeting. Nobody’s skin is thin, everyone’s about the team.” I am taking responsibility.

“I think we have the right mindset, the right people in the team – people with character on and off the field – that we can pull this thing together and go the right way. Being in London together As, we all have each other. So we will enjoy each other, we will come closer to each other, we will love each other, encourage each other and we will do this thing in the right way. Will carry on.”

“I think having a whole team here at the hotel can bring people together and do a little bit of team bonding if you want,” Ryan Ramkic said. “I think it’s good for us.

While the Vikings opted to travel this weekend, the Saints departed Charlotte, NC after Sunday’s game, the same recipe the team had used in the past, most recently when it traveled to London in 2017. Was.

“We got here this morning so we can have a great week of work, focus on what we need to do to improve, what we need to do to prepare ourselves to win a game on Sunday, Focus on,” coach Dennis Allen said. “We have a lot of areas on which we have to improve – in the offensive, defensive and kicking game. We have to work hard to try and fix those things before we get to Sunday.”

On Sunday, the Saints again failed to establish a consistent offensive flow, falling short of three turnovers – including a lost fumble for a touchdown – and seven penalties. The defense was strong for most of the game, but Ingram’s touchdown run was followed by a 67-yard touchdown reception allowing two plays. And on special teams, kicker Will Lutz blocked a 30-yard field goal attempt and missed a 48-yard try.

“We are three games into the season, we have 14 games to go and we have to take them one game at a time,” said linebacker Demario Davies. “Win or lose it’s always the same process – watch the tapes, find out where you can be better, improve and keep moving forward. The game definitely disappoints not the way we wanted, but all of our The goals are still in front of us.

Like Allen, Ingram said there has to be improvement across the board.

“We just have to execute,” he said. “We have a lot of talent, we have a lot of guys who have played at the highest level and done that. We trust each other, we just have to go out there and execute. That’s what’s coming down.”

“You have to learn what you beat before you can learn to win. You have to stop doing the things that can beat you. Flip the ball, punish, allow big plays, generate big plays.” No. Offense, defense, special teams – all those things are so important and so important. Every play has its own weight and importance, but you never know which one is going to change the game, which one is going to change the game. That’s going to determine the outcome. You have to look at every single play as if it’s the most important play, because it is.”

Ingram said the team is completely confident in quarterback Jameis Winston, who has thrown five interceptions in the last two games, all in the fourth quarter. Winston has been dismissed 11 times.

“We love Jamis. He’s our guy,” Ingram said. “He has all the tools he needs to be able to lead a team to a championship, lead a team to victory, lead a team to victory. We have immense faith in him. The way he is.” The way he leads the team, we all have his back.