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Originally Published: 07/30/2022

pushkart player

pushkart playerThe Emmy-nominated and award-winning Touring Theater for Young Audiences, New Jersey, has announced their 2022-23 season. It included performances from “Cuentos del Arbol (Tree Tales)”, “Stone Soup … and Other Stories”, “Holiday Tales: A Season of Miracles”, “Velvetin Rabbit”, “Lift Every Voice: A Letter to the Editor”. Are included. “,” Peter and the Wolf”, and “Outta This World: The Adventures of Kalian the Alien”. In addition to his plays, Pushcart’s season also included “Storytelling by Gerald First” and a performance of “Mr. Ray” in concert. .

,Cuentos del rbol (Tree Tales)” – A delightful bilingual musical drawn from Spanish and Latin American folklore. Presented as a Live or Virtual Assembly: Pushcart players will provide a study guide attached to a live performance of this play. Available October 2022-June 2023 (ideal for pre-K grades through 5).

“Cuentos del Arbol” is a bilingual melody derived from Spanish and Latin American folklore. The play is designed to bring Spanish to life and make theater accessible to students, parents and grandparents for whom English is a second language.

The centerpiece of all “stories” is a tree (un arbol) that has sheltered, preserved and nurtured the countless characters who have worked their way through the years. The tree’s caretaker, Arbolita, shares four of these stories with Tomas, a storyteller, looking for stories for his collection.

stories include golden orange garden, brother who was both wise and foolish, Juan Bobo ,Silly John) And Caperucita Roja ,red Riding Hood), a perennial favorite in both Spanish and English households. A spirited finale is designed to send the audience home with “dancer feet, clapping and happy hearts”.

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“Stone Soup … and Other Stories” – Fascinating, experiential mix of folk tales from around the world! Presented as a Live or Virtual Assembly: Pushcart will provide a study guide attached to the video of the making of this play. Available November 2022-June 2023 (ideal for grades Pre-K to 5)

“Stone Soup … and Other Stories” supports the literacy movement’s emphasis on the joy of reading, and provides a starting point for the ongoing enjoyment of folk tales in the classroom. Without a doubt, this familiar drink of a favorite will delight a very young audience – from 4 to 94 years old!

Dynamic, interactive and full of spirited entertainment, “Stone Soup…” is on the “Not Missed” list for young audiences!

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“Holiday Tales – Season of Miracles” – As for the miracles, they are the love, kindness and generosity that are the spirit of the season and the heart of each story! Presented as a Live or Virtual Assembly: Pushcart will provide a study guide attached to the video of this play. Available December 2022 (ideal for grades K to 6)

“Holiday Tales – A Season of Miracles” is a great collection of holiday stories from different cultures. With a book and lyrics by Ruth Faust, this heartwarming musical tales of O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi”, an origin story in Nigeria titled, “The Kwanzaa Kite,” is a fictional story from The Wise Folk of the Wise Folk. Chelm – “The Chanukah Miracle,” and Eta Hoffman’s “The Nutcracker.”

Composed and composed to music by Tony Award-winner Larry Hochman, with the timeless vocals of each classic piece, this magical rendition is designed to warm hearts and perhaps change the perspectives of young audiences as they come to terms with its true meaning and Think about emotion. holiday season.

“Velvet Rabbit” – One of America’s favorite stories brought to life! Presented Live: Pushcart will provide a study guide for the live performance of the play. Available Feb-June 2023 (ideal for grades Pre-K to 5)

“Velveteen Rabbit” tells the story of a young boy’s love and a little nursery magic helps the Velveteen Rabbit transform from a favorite plaything into a real rabbit. The Boy and the Velveteen embark on thrilling fantasy adventures from deep dark caves to the open ocean, and together they learn the true meaning of friendship in this musical re-telling of one of America’s favorite story books.

“Lift Every Voice: A Letter to the Editor” – A multimedia piece exploring the music, images, and spirit of mid-century America. Presented Live: Pushkart will provide a study guide for the live performance of this production. Available mid-February-June 2023 (ideal for grades 4 to 8)

“Lift Every Voice: A Letter to the Editor” celebrates the courage and resilience of everyday Americans during the Civil Rights Movement.

The story centers on Junebug, a 12-year-old boy in the 1960s South, who learns of James Meredith’s attempt to enroll as the first African American at the University of Mississippi. When the editors of “The Oxford Eagle”, a local newspaper, express their negative opinion on integration, Junebug takes matters into her own hands and confronts these views while speaking for equality and inclusion.

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This play along with music provides a path of understanding and compassion for the young learners. Historic touchstones include the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Little Rock Nine, Greensboro sit-ins, and the Civil Rights Movement.

The production resonates with the voice of each of us to fight against injustice.

pushkart player

“Peter and the Wolf”– A classic tale that has it all – music, laughter, danger and defiance in a magical moment as a young boy grows up. Presented Live: Pushcart players will provide a study guide for the live performance of this play, Available March-June 2023 (ideal for grades Pre-K to 5)

“Peter and the Wolf” will tickle, intrigue and delight young audiences while offering a brilliant introduction to theatre, classical music and value explanatory themes. When Peter visits his grandfather for the summer, creative solutions are needed to provide a happy ending to an interesting story. This extraordinary musical presents young and family audiences with a priceless theater moment that they will remember for a long time.

Music: A different instrument and melody (or “leitmotif”) represents each character in the play, making it an excellent link for understanding all types of music.

Story: A true adventure about a spirited young boy who faces the challenge of danger with courage, creativity and leadership.

Celebration: The value of love, friendship and care. Lessons of greed, arrogance and prejudice. There is innocence and wisdom, youth and maturity, conflict resolution, moral development and beauty in the natural order of life!

“Outta This World: The Adventures of Kalyan the Alien” – Based on the song by children’s pop music icon, Mr. Ray, this delightful musical explores themes of anti-bullying, prejudice and friendship. presented live, Pushcart will provide a study guide for the live performance of the play. Available April-June 2023 (ideal for preK grades from 5)

A young alien named Kalian accidentally arrives on planet Earth; He learns and teaches about acceptance, anti-racism and fun. Music appreciation, new avenues of learning and socio-emotional development come to life for young learners at Pushkart.

pushkart player

The Story of Gerald Fiesta – We all have stories to tell. Presented as Live or Virtual Assembly: Through its live and virtual assemblies, Mr. Fiest delivers laughter, drama, participation and wonder from a multi-cultural collection of folktales, literature and original material.

virtual classroom: Mr. First will virtually visit your classroom with tailor-made storytelling and theater workshops to support your school’s arts learning objectives.

Available during 2022-2023 (all ages)

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Gerald Fiesta One of America’s most acclaimed storytellers. As an artist, he has appeared throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, telling origin stories, tales of his Jewish tradition, and world folklore. As a writer and educator, she has worked for school systems and universities across America, leading workshops in writing and performance for teachers and students.

Mr. Ray – Music for the child in all of us. Presented as a live or virtual program. Mr. Ray (Ray Anderson) has been writing and performing for children from Pre-K to 5th grade for 26 years. Her interactive shows include her original songs with messages of kindness, diversity, being creative, and staying healthy and active.

Additionally, he performs family-friendly songs by The Beatles, Bob Marley, and many others. In January 2021, Ray became the representative of Pathway to Peace, an official United Nations NGO (non-governmental) on behalf of his musical works and messages.

Available during 2022-2023 (ideal for grades Pre-K to 5th)

For live engagement, Pushcart Players follows all safety guidelines and protocols directed by the Center for Disease Control, the Actors Equity Association, and all individual state mandates. All performers, teaching artists and stage managers are fully vaccinated and tested regularly. Learn more about their COVID safety practices here.

Established in 1974, pushkart player Brings youth original musical theater productions and innovative educational residencies directly to their schools. Performances are curriculum oriented, focusing on literacy, history, values ​​explication, and music. Workshops and residency focus on the craft of theater itself, promoting the benefits of learning through and about theater.

Pushkart players have traveled 2.6 million miles nationally and abroad to serve over 8 million children and their families. From the tiny Red School House to the nation’s White House, this dynamic company has received numerous state and private awards for excellence and innovation. Professional actors The Equity Association’s cast and stage managers are present with a full scene, lighting and sound systems, to adapt every performance to any venue.

Pushkart Players Programs NJ State Council on the Arts/Department of State, The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Pine Tree Foundation of NY, ADP Foundation, The Community Foundation of NJ, EJ Grassman Trust, The Grunin. Foundation, Hyde & Watson Foundation, NJ Arts & Culture Renewal Fund, NJ Cares Act Fund, NJ Economic Development Authority, PNC Bank/Lillian Schenk Foundation, The Turrell Fund, The Whitehill Foundation and many others.