New Brand Consultancy aims to support the growth of NI businesses

One of Northern Ireland’s leading marketers has launched a new brand consultancy that specializes in supporting the growth of businesses through the development of successful brand development and brand positioning strategies.

Isling Bremer Marketing is the only independent brand strategy consultant in Northern Ireland, a distinction she believed was important to supporting ambitious local businesses to grow their brands and businesses.

SMEs and corporate organizations will have the opportunity to work directly with Aisling Bremer, who has over 20 years of experience working with prestigious brands including Heinz, Budweiser, Coors Light as well as Dell Farms and Queen’s University Belfast , and their team of partners to build a brand strategy to support long-term growth.

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Isling Bremer Marketing is the only independent brand strategy consultant in Northern Ireland

Brand Academy is also offered as a complementary service. Starting Tuesday, September 20, the Academy will offer practical group workshops and courses, designed to provide local SMEs with the skills they need to develop their own brand strategy with their mentoring support and support to marketers and agency teams. Specialists provide the opportunity to be upskilled in the field. of brand strategy. A range of online brand masterclasses and face to face brand workshops will be available.

Eisling said: “Consumer behavior and expectations have changed dramatically after the pandemic and have progressed faster in the past two years than in the past 20 years. While this can prove challenging, it provides a real opportunity for ambitious, creative and consumer-focused businesses with clearly defined brand strategies to grow their customer base and ultimately generate revenue and bottom line. be able to increase Building a strong brand foundation is an essential investment in today’s competitive environment.

“However, many businesses are not taking the time to define their brand strategy, visualize their position within their sector, or really understand their target audience – often many are jumping to a direct marketing strategy without being clear that Who they are. The lack of a solid brand foundation and a clear strategy in the long run is hurting them because they lack clarity on what sets them apart.

“Brand strategy development is a one-time long-term investment and one that only needs to be updated as your business offering or market changes. I would really encourage businesses that already have a brand and a business But with no clear positioning strategy, it’s never too late to develop your brand strategy and unlock untapped opportunity.

“At Isling Bremer Marketing, we operate across all industry sectors and offer a scaled brand strategy service for small businesses up to large corporations. Brand Academy is dedicated to educating and supporting SMEs with limited budgets. Started to help them truly maximize the potential of their brand. I work extensively with large businesses and organizations on a one-to-one project basis to help them develop a complete brand strategy. be able to help.

“I am confident that Isling Bremer Marketing’s unique service offering will help many businesses in Northern Ireland build a strong foundation by helping them develop a clear and distinctive brand proposition and position in their market segment, which will attract new customers and help existing Build customer loyalty and customer value with customers.”

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