Musk-Twitter trial to begin October 17, Delaware judge rules

lawsuit against twitter inc Tesla Inc., CEO Elon Musk on a cancellation $44 billion buyout A judge ruled that the social-media platform has been set up for a five-day trial beginning October 17 in Delaware.

The decision late Thursday by Delaware Chancery Court Judge Kathleen McCormick comes after Musk’s lawyers claimed Twitter wanted to launch “without justification” on October 10. Twitter said it was not opposing October 17 as long as it was assured of a full five-day trial.

McCormick agreed earlier this month to fast-track the test on Musk’s failed deal to acquire Twitter for $54.20 per share, which he claimed denies usage figures of the social-media platform as spam. And the robots are enhanced by accounts.

Twitter claimed that Musk, the world’s richest man, was dragging his feet setting the schedule and courted a letter without sharing it with his detractors. McCormick, in his eight-page order, warned both parties that the exchange of any pre-trial information “should not be solicited or requested in an attempt to extort an unfair advantage or gain an unfair advantage from the opposing party.” should go.”

Twitter’s lawyers say they’ll need only four days to prove that Musk is abusing questions about spam and robot accounts to walk away from the deal. The company said it has changed all of its information about those accounts and wants to force the billionaire, who co-founded Tesla Inc., to complete the acquisition.

Musk counters that Twitter’s handover of so-called bots content in court filings has not been strengthened and that the company’s misrepresentation of that data provides a valid basis for rescinding its buyout.

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