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On Thursday’s talkTV show, Piers Morgan stand-in Jeremy Kyle called on Justin Urquhart Stewart to give viewers some hope after the Bank of England issued a warning to the UK that it could face a recession after raising interest rates later this year. will fall in. The investment manager and business commentator commented that the UK is “great” with small technology companies and took a swipe at Germany and France, claiming that the UK has more small businesses in the region than the two EU countries. .

In the latest blow to the nation, Jeremy told Justin: “I want to put it in layman’s terms, okay?

“We see all these figures being thrown out, inflation here — to put it in layman’s terms.

“What does today mean for the men and women up and down this country who want to know in their pockets what the reality is?”

“Well, what they are going to see is that their value for money is devaluing really fast at the moment,” Justin explained.

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,[Nadhim] Zahvi, today,” replied the former Jeremy Kyle Show host.

Justin continued: “And the Bank of England, the Bank of England is clearly independent… no, it’s not.

“So we’ve really got the situation where the Bank of England is in a really tough position.

“Because you’re told, ‘If you have inflation, raise interest rates,’ but wait, if you raise interest rates, you have to slow down the economy… the last thing you want to do is slow the economy. “

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“That’s all well and good, but treat me as an idiot, okay,” Jeremy cut off.

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“Electricity and gas bills, £3,300. Petrol, diesel, £2 a litre, a hose-pipe ban, you can’t fly anywhere, unemployment is skyrocketing, you can’t get a GP appointment, you can get a dental Can’t see the doctor!

“People are going out, ‘Where does this end?’

“You say no to statistics, but if you’re watching this, what do you expect? What are you holding on to tonight?”

“Well, you’re actually seeing that some parts of the economy are still doing really well,” Justin reasoned.

Taking a dig at Europe, the finance expert commented: “You have small technology companies, where we have actually set up more small businesses in this country than in France and Germany!

“Unfortunately, we are not very good at developing them. We reach a certain scale, they are bought by Americans and go somewhere else.

“So we’re really good at that, and not necessarily in London, you go to technology centers around universities across the country and you’ll find some really exciting businesses there.

“They’re looking at the wrong bit, that’s where the future lies!” Justin said clearly, proposing an optimistic outlook for Britain’s future.

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