More Canadians are cutting back on food, groceries and entertainment as inflation rises

As inflation continues to rise and money is flying out of pocket, more and more Canadians say they are cutting back on essentials as well as pleasurable shopping.

In a new Yahoo Canada/Maru Public Opinion poll, a survey of 1,517 Canadians found that 61 percent are now cutting back when shopping at the grocery store, compared to mid-June.

The survey found that 68 percent of respondents cut back on eating out and ordering, and 55 percent say they’re cutting back on entertainment purchases such as movies and sporting events.

Angela McEwen, senior economist at the Canadian Union for Public Employees, says pay checks are not in line with inflation at this time.

“People are not thinking about saving money,” she tells CTV News Ottawa.

“They’re not thinking about the future. They’re thinking it must be gas or groceries this week.”

Picking up groceries in Arnprior, Ont. On Thursday, resident Angela Brittle says her family is not as independent and has now left some items on the shelves.

“Some meats like beef have really gone up in price,” Brittle says. “A variety of fancy condiments, let’s say, like cookies, treats, anything like that.”

“What you think you’re getting for two bags should be under $100, can often exceed $100,” she adds. “It definitely affects the budget.”

The survey also found that 26 percent of Canadians believe the country is in recession, while 59 percent think Canada is headed for one.

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