Mel C Wants Broadway Performances | Entertainment News

Mel C wants to perform on Broadway.

The Spice Girls singer has appeared in London theater productions including “Blood Brothers” and “Jesus Christ Superstar,” but moving to New York to walk the board is a “bucket list” ambition for her.

He told Britain’s OK! Magazine: “There’s an old classic we’ll never get tired of, plus many new ones.

“I’ve been lucky enough to master the West End, so now I’d love to go to Broadway.

“It’s definitely a bucket list thing for me – I just don’t know yet what would be the right thing for me.

“‘Chicago’ is a classic, so imagine playing Roxy Hart on Broadway! But who knows?

“I’m open to ideas. Bring it to New York!”

The ‘Northern Star’ singer released her eighth solo studio album, ‘Melanie C’ in 2020 and admitted that she was finally “feeling weird” when COVID-19 restrictions were eased. was able to live.

She said: “This year, being able to perform live in front of huge crowds has been an absolute dream.

“It’s a joy to see the expressions on people’s faces when they are singing along to your songs and experiencing that freedom at the same time.

“Initially it felt awkward to do my songs live, and it was almost never allowed, but I’m so lucky that I get to do it every day because you can see it making a difference in people’s happiness.

“The feeling that the energy bounces off other people again was fantastic.

“I did all the promotion of that album on Zoom from my living room couch, so this year was like playing catch-up on everything we missed.

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“It’s wonderful to perform those songs now.”