Meaning, outfit, dress, nails of the barbicore pink fashion trend is going viral

Recently, if you saw a lot of ‘Pink Color’ on social media, then you are not alone, know the meaning of Barbicor trend.

There is a new fashion trend featuring the hot pink color that has taken the internet by storm.

This trend is inspired by none other than our Barbie, hence it is called ‘Barbicore’ trend. The trend has turned everything hot pink, from the red carpet to the store, and of course, your Instagram feed.

Meaning of the Barbicor Pink Fashion Trend Explained, Outfit, Dress, Nails As It Goes Viral

This trend is associated with the upcoming Barbie film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, which grew in popularity in the fashion industry.

What is the barbicore trend?

Like all-black outfits, barbicore trends tend to have all-pink outfits. The trend has grown so much that everyone from celebrities to social media users is wearing pink outfits ranging from monochrome neon pink looks to bubblegum accessories.

The real aim behind the trend is to break stereotypes and make a statement about feminism.

Chazlynn Yvonne Stunson, an L.A.-based fashion blogger, opened up about the trend. She said, “I think we’ve changed the way we think about the stereotypical Barbie girl with blond hair and a perfect body. Nowadays, we’re seeing all kinds of individuals, like me, participate in beauty “.

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For the past few days, many celebrities have been seen wearing ‘pink’ outfits. At the 2022 Grammy Awards, Justin Bieber appeared in a shiny fuchsia beanie, while Savatey rocked a hot pink dress.

Pink was also seen as a dominant color on this year’s Met Gala red carpet, with Sebastian Stan dressed head-to-toe in a pink monochromatic look and Glenn Close in an electric pink suit.

In July this year, several celebrities hosted Barbicor-themed parties, such as Khloe Kardashian’s 38th birthday party in June and Margot Robbie’s birthday party in July this year.

How did the barbicore trend start?

The barbicore trend has recently risen to prominence during the 2020 Valentino Fall runway show that began in March. The luxury house presented its Valentino Pink PP collection at the show.

All the models in the show were seen wearing Valentino Pink from head to toe. After this, the color became the highlight and was seen in many red carpet events.

Barbicor has now become a trending hashtag not only on the video-sharing platform TikTok but on other social media platforms as well. Although the hashtag has got about 15 million views on Tiktok alone.

If you want to be in trend, all you need to do is embrace the color pink. Although the trend setter is taking a liking to hot pink, other shades like bubblegum and fuchsia also add to the barbicore vibe.

Daya Issam Johnson, a trends expert for Etsy, said in a statement that, “After a much-welcomed mood-booster over the years, ‘Barbicore’ is all about embracing vibrant colors, especially the doll’s signature The one hot pink in everyday life”.

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