Meaning of shirt cut meme explained after it went viral on Twitter and TikTok

New memes are always being made on the internet, but the most popular memes are often old, know the meaning of shirt cut memes on tik tok and twitter

Some of the popular memes that are still being circulated online include Disaster Girl, Distracted Boyfriend and Woman Yelling at Cat. Shirt cut memes are trending once again on Twitter this week. They basically gained popularity after they went viral in 2012, but what exactly are they?

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Meaning of shirt cut meme after going viral on Twitter and Tiktok

what is shirt cut meme

In a meme known as “Shirt Cut”, a character is depicted wearing five different robes, all of which reveal their upper body in some way. The description of the first image reads “Sideboob,” followed by “Inner Sideboob,” “Bob Window,” “Underboob,” and “Free Space.”

People are instructed to design or create their own eerie avatar that symbolizes each of the five labels in five different positions. You can draw whatever you want in the blank, but most people want to stick to a provocative theme.

Origins of the successful meme

According to Know Your Meme, the five-panel style gained popularity in June 2021 after it was shared on Twitter by @druzsea. The tweet garnered nearly 15,000 likes because the template was completely blank, allowing internet users to fill it with their own picture.

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The design gained popularity over the coming weeks and individuals began adding their own characters to it. Some created versions that weren’t explicitly sexual, while others created lewd characters to fill in the blanks.

This trend persisted on Twitter for the rest of 2021, and is now back in 2022, especially on TikTok. The video has been viewed by over 42.1 million people with the hashtag #shirtcutmeme, and that number is growing daily.

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